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Solar Power Investment: Now High Risk. Investments in Solar Projects / Companies like: REC, SolarWorld, SunPower, Suntech BP Solar, Isofoton, Kyocera, Q-Cells, Sanyo, Sharp Solar, Motech, First Solar, Yingli Green Energy are now high risk in a renewed sense of the word. Powerful clean energy technologies emerging. New Energy Technologies disrupt the status quo. New US Governmental program ARPA-E initiates the beginning of the end for solar, wind and biofuel. - "Reports & Services"

Drobak, Norway, June 13, 2009 --( Investments in Traditional Renewables like Solar, Wind and Biofuel projects and companies are now high risk in a renewed sense of the word.

New Energy Lecture Coming up:

“The Renewable Energy Industry and new unexpected competition from New Transformational Energy Technologies”

A very important Lecture on new Transformational Energy Technologies and the effect on the Solar, Wind and Biofuel Investment will be held.

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Climate change experts 'lose faith' in traditional renewable technology. Specialists less optimistic that wind, solar and hydro power have 'high potential' to solve climate crisis.
- UN / World Bank Survey of 1.000 "climate decision makers"
- The Guardian

New Transformational Energy Technology Emerging:
Transformational energy technologies are those that have the potential to create new paradigms in how energy is produced, transmitted, used, and/or stored:

“It's confirmed: Matter is merely vacuum fluctuations”
- New Scientist

* Magnetic Energy Conversion: New verified ElectroMagnetic Motor using quantum vibrations as energy source will be presented in 2009. Competitor to the solar photovoltaic industry.

* Cold Fusion verified / replicated – Cells generate over 25 times the energy in.
Competitor to all traditional renewables.

* New patented quantum energy device plan to generate 20 kilowatts of heat.
When this technology is finalized it will be the end of the beginning of the solar and wind investment boom.

* Verified new Hydrogen technology generates 200 times more energy than traditional methods. Competitor to all traditional renewables.

ElectroMagnetic Quantum Vacuum Energy (EMQVE)
– The New Clean Renewable Source of Energy

See for more interesting examples of why investment in solar, wind and biofuel are so risky.

"The nation that leads the world in creating new energy sources will be the nation that leads the 21st century global economy," – US President Obama

Traditional Renewables Solar & Wind – To Little Too Late
It is a growing concern among leading energy and climate experts that the traditional renewable energy technologies like solar, wind and biofuel are not efficient enough to solve the growing climate and energy crises. The traditional renewables might well be too little too late now with more than one new polluting coal fired power plant starting up every week in India and China.

Billons invested in Solar Projects now high risk from emerging new technologies:
Venture capitalists invested $4.1 billion in alternative energy projects in 2008 – a 54% increase according to PricewaterhousCoopers. 45% of that money went to solar projects, compared to 23% in 2007.

See more examples of Transformational Energy Technologies covered by Reports & Services: have New Energy Experts with many years experience in the transformational new energy field. can assist & train Your Trading Team to be aware of the new emerging clean energy technologies that will have devastating effect on any investment in solar companies like REC and wind power companies like Vestas. Financing of any new renewable energy projects now high risk.

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The company has performed a number of studies related to new energy technology as well as technology monitoring activities and technology assessment advisory to a number of major oil & gas, energy and investment companies among them Statoil, Statkraft and Alfred Berg Norge. The company has held lecture at UN related conference and has been providing energy technology assessment information to the Norwegian Ministry of Petroleum and Energy in their: “Assessment of Norway’s Energy Balance up to year 2020.”

Points from CV for Project Manager Jorn Erik Ommang,
Educated electronic engineer and technical auditor. Worked for many years as Project Manager and Engineer in the oil & gas industry. Many years experience with new transformational energy technologies as Director of Research & Development, Inventor / Researcher, Patent Engineer and Technology Assessment Specialist related to conversion of quantum field energy into usable electricity. Author of several energy & environment articles in newspapers, oil, gas and technology magazines.

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