Is Unit Testing the Answer for the EU Software Liability Bill?

EU commissioners are proposing that software companies be held liable for the quality of their products, and Typemock is holding an open microphone event at the Norwegian Developers Conference (NDC) to find out if unit testing can give companies the assurance and confidence needed to meet the proposed bill.

New York, NY, June 13, 2009 --( Typemock, leaders in developing tools for unit testing, will be raising this issue at the ‘Unit testing and Beer’ event on the first night of the NDC. During this event, developers will discuss whether or not unit testing is the answer for the new bill proposal, what they think of the new bill and Typemock will be polling their opinion both off-line in the event, and on-line, in Typemock’s blog.

“Typemock believes that unit testing is the most effective way to ensure software quality and code integrity and any company that unit tests as part of its development process goes a long way to being exempt from liability.” Says Eli Lopian, Typemock’s CEO.

“What companies should realize is that when you launch with less bugs, it’s not just your users that benefit from it, it’s the company as well. Fewer bugs on the product’s release, means less money spent on fixing bugs after the product has been released, and less resources invested in releasing new versions just to fix these bugs” says Gil Zilberfeld senior developer at Typemock. Typemock case studies show that by locating the bugs in early stages by unit testing with Typemock’s tools has saved its customers up to $80,000 each developer every year.

The results of the polls will be posted on Typemock’s blog

Moran Ben