EuroBiO in Lille from 23 to 25 September: Heading for Open Innovation and Tech Transfer

To address the needs of both academic researchers and companies by uniting all the actors of the biotechnology sector – especially the starts-ups and spin-offs - EuroBiO 2009 asserts its ambition: to support the transfer of knowledge and expertise from academic research to the economic world.

Lille, France, June 15, 2009 --( This year, in addition to the series of pragmatic conferences aimed at providing answers to the issues of projects development and funding, some operational tools complete the EuroBiO 2009 program to allow for the meeting, exchange and creation of collaborative projects.

On the corporation side, it involves an easier identification of the innovative companies and projects introduced during the event, thanks to the online platform. The aim is to participate in the expansion of their potential partnerships and portfolios.

Therefore, EuroBiO attendees will be directly introduced to academic researchers and young companies, and the presentation of projects before a qualified audience composed of potential partners will help technologies and innovations to come out in the open.

EuroBiO thus places itself even more in the service of life sciences and biotechnologies economic development. If experience sharing remains a major focus of the event, emulation among the various actors about the issue of innovation will be the key to its success.

A few key points

. A program of conferences, discussion workshops (with more than 110 international speakers), but also presentations of companies and projects.

. An online platform to publish results and capacities, to identify potential partners, to exchange before the event, to set up meetings there, and to keep in touch until 2010.

. A pass granting complete access to the whole event.

“EuroBiO 2009 is a unique opportunity to meet the key actors of the sector, to share experiences with industrial leaders and experts, and to broaden development opportunities through wise partnering. All the tools are thus provided to ensure the adequacy between offer and demand.”
General Commissioner EuroBiO 2009

A track co-conceived with clusters
This process aims at emphasizing the role of clusters in the development of research and innovation. In this track, members of European clusters will share their accounts on the impact their clusters may have on their projects and achievements. Each workshop will be coproduced by several European clusters or competitive zones and will put forward concrete illustrations of inter-clusters cooperation.

Excellence rewarded: the 2009 Universal Biotech Innovation Grant

This year, the 2009 Universal Biotech Innovation Grant will be given during the EuroBiO event. It aims at encouraging innovatory talent and the development of new devices or products in the biotechnology industry sector.

Some comments:

Philippe ARCHINARD, CEO of Transgène, President of Lyon Biopôle, member of EuroBiO 2009 Strategic Committee
“Business conventions and events like EuroBiO are necessary. Nobody would venture to miss them. We need to take part in this type of events even more now, in such a difficult year.”

Pr Douwe D. Breimer, Professor of Pharmacology, Former Rector Magnificus & President of Leiden University, member of EuroBiO 2009 Strategic Committee, Chairman of session “Academic platform VS technology based services: Competitors or partners?”

“At the international level, events are often the prerogative of industrial companies only, in a B2B approach, and academics may find it hard to get involved. However, this international level really matches academics’ requirements, because research essentially reaches beyond national borders, so we do need a European basic collaborative approach. EuroBiO’s new positioning for its 2009 edition meets this need by clearly opening up its doors to the academic world.”

Conny Bogentoft, CEO of Karolinska Development, Chairman of session “Tech transfer: The specificities of a know-how out-licensing process”
“We need events that make it easier for academics and companies to meet. We have to generate ‘projects opportunities’. EuroBiO is on the right track. From an optimistic but realistic viewpoint, the issue for today’s Europe is to allow for the finding of founds and talents that will turn innovation into innovative products.”

EuroBiO 2009
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