Dr. Cell Phone Proudly Introduces HTC T-Mobile G1 Cracked Screen Repair or Replacement - Same Day Service Provided from Headquarters in Dallas, TX

T-Mobile G1 is prone to a cracked screen and damaged LCD. Dallas based nationwide repair center Dr. Cell Phone can repair HTC T-Mobile G1 cracked screen and LCD with either a mail-in expedited (nationwide) or same day repair service for local customers.

Dallas, TX, June 14, 2009 --(PR.com)-- Dr. Cell Phone provides extensive repair services for T-Mobiles very popular and first ever HTC Android phone, more commonly known as the G1, T-Mobile G1 or HTC G1. Nationwide repair services will be offered from its headquarters in Dallas, TX. As with all repair services, same day services will be available in the DFW metroplex, and expedited services will be offered for customers who mail their T-Mobile G1 to the nationwide repair facility.

The google applications and compatability along with the new Android software makes this phone easy to use and packed with generous features rivaling Apple’s iPhone, which also announced the upcoming launch of the new iPhone 3G S. The HTC T-Mobile G1, also called the HTC Dream has a very sensitive touch screen and LCD that often times will need repair when dropped, or accidently cracks.

T-Mobile G1 repair services include G1 cracked screen, G1 broken glass, bleeding LCD, G1 white screen, which seem to be the most common repair needed. Dr. Cell Phone will also offer cosmetic replacements, data port replacements, speaker and microphone repair, along with basic diagnostics to find any other problems with the HTC G1.

“We are excited to be able to offer so many different services for the G1,” said Rob, manager of Dr. Cell Phones parts procurement, “cracked screens are the most common problems with most touch screen phones and the G1 cracked screen repair solution has taken a little bit longer than expected but we can offer expedited repair services for this model as well now.”

Dr. Cell Phone has been repairing cell phones and mainly PDA’s for over ½ a decade now. With the experience to handle all major cell phone models and portable electronics, there is no other place to trust your beloved iPhone to.

To learn more information visit www.drcellphone.com, email repairs@drcellphone.com or call 1-877-349-7297.

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Rob Noorani