BizClip Captures the World on Video

BizClip is designed for today's fast paced and competitive business world. It allows small businesses to showcase their product or service through a digital clip.

Hamilton, Canada, June 14, 2009 --( Video Press Release

BizClip Captures the World on Video

In just two short years BizClip Inc. International has expanded globally and is currently producing online videos for 16 Leading Business Directories in 15 different countries around the world. They are now proud to introduce BizClip as 'Your Global Online Video Provider'.

BizClip is built on over 20 years of experience in the video and film industry. Although its venture into the online market occurred only a couple of years ago, success came quickly and the company has grown tremendously. Production totals of online video commercials number into the thousands thanks to several online Business Directories who have been using the BizClip service.

BizClip is considered to be one of the pioneers in producing online videos on a mass scale. They have ultimately become experts in their field by using years of experience to perfect a unique production method of outputting a large volume of high quality videos at an affordable price and at an incredible turnover rate. The BizClip system is so effective that it has now been applied globally, making BizClip the World Leader in online video commercial production.

BizClip is the brainchild of its CEO, Moe Masoudi, who believes that the key to being successful in anything is passion. "We have a dedicated team with the hearts and minds of true champions. We've worked extremely hard to prove ourselves." There have been other companies stating the ability to provide a similar type of service, but they have yet to be able to back up these claims. BizClip is actually out there producing massive amounts of videos and has been doing so successfully for two years on a very large scale. COO Vincent Genuardi believes that action speaks louder than words. "We've been under the radar perfecting our system and now we're ready to show the world that BizClip is for real."

BizClip videos are found to be quite engaging with a truly dynamic look. They have a large network of videographers worldwide and they pride themselves on being able to service business clients from anywhere in the world in various languages, incorporating their unique cultures. As well, their services are quite comprehensive, offering more than just the documentary-style type video.
They may be theme oriented and use special editing effects or animation to enhance the final video product. They can also produce commercials using stock footage from their own multi-media library or with a montage of photos, giving business owners more options if they prefer not to be on video.

BizClip currently produces videos for Directories in North America, Europe and The Middle East including,,,, Turkey Yellow Pages and Egypt Yellow Pages. As well, their largest clients include some of the largest directories in the U.S.A. and some of the most prominent directories in the U.K. BizClip has also produced videos for Yellow Pages Group in Canada and Páginas Amarillas in Spain. Most recently, they have just landed a deal in South Africa. They are also negotiating with other large Directories from various Continents. BizClip plans to be in every Continent by the end of 2009.

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