Storm Harvest Footprint Free Timber Flooring

Mckay Flooring Ltd now have exclusive rights to Storm Harvest flooring. The timber used is mostly from the trees which would otherwise be burnt. They are then utilised by converting them into rich Scottish hardwood products.

Glasgow, United Kingdom, June 15, 2009 --( McKay Flooring Ltd are proud to announce their exclusive rights to Storm Harvest flooring. A new ‘footprint free’ range of Scottish hardwood products.

All of the timber is locally sourced from trees that are wind blown, partially diseased or removed as part of a thinning or clearing process by local authorities when bringing woodland under management.

In other words, trees that would have been chipped or burnt but which are now diverted from landfill by their partner company. In their own words, "We collate and grade the timber, mill it, then convert it into high quality hardwood boards for end-user products – all within a five-mile radius of Glasgow. We never import, meaning we minimise travel miles and in doing so, we significantly reduce the carbon footprint of all of our products. We also support Glasgow local authority woodland units ‘three to one’ policy whereby three new trees are planted for every one tree removed, helping ensure that this valuable natural resource continues to thrive and flourish for future generations. "

But the benefits don’t stop there. Because all the hardwood in their ‘footprint free’ range originates from native Scottish timbers – a species that’s highly prized for its unique, slow growing nature – it has a strength and character that is second to none, making it ideal for a wide range of domestic and commercial applications -from floorboards to oak beams.

Please contact Richard McKay or Christine Higgins for more information or assistance with specifications.

McKay Flooring Ltd have over 35 years experience in the quality flooring market, both as supplier and installer, from small domestic spaces to museums and sporting arenas.

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