A Charitable Speed Camera Warner?

Cheap speed camera warning system doesn't mean cheap data anymore. Using the FoxyTag worldwide collaborative camera database, a new 1$ speed camera warner surprises the iPhone community.

London, United Kingdom, June 15, 2009 --(PR.com)-- FoxyTag is a free and legal system to signal speed cameras on mobile phones that works worldwide. The system is collaborative and self-managed: The users "tag" the speed cameras and some electronic trust engines check the quality of the posted information. Today FoxyTag covers very well Europe and becomes more and more competitive in North America.

But what about all the other countries? Neither FoxyTag nor any serious competitor seemed to be interested. For probably very good reasons, like the fact these countries have sometimes less speed cameras, less connection availabilities, less modern mobile phones and for some of them less money to buy a good speed camera warning system. But things are changing. Speed cameras are financially so interesting for governments that one sees them appearing a bit everywhere in the world. In cities and on highways of course, but also on some straight roads in the deserts. And the people there are more and more equipped with similar devices as the Occidental people are.

To keep a leader position in the speed camera domain, FoxyTag made a partnership with Atoll Ordenadores in order to provide aSpeedCam Scanner, an new application that will be specifically adapted for these new countries. On one hand, it is cheap: Only a single dollar to access more than 30'000 speed cameras. On the other hand, it is optimized for large areas or countryside: Using a bigger radius to get the data, it works also in areas where there is no GPRS coverage. Vitalijs Lennojs, CEO of Atoll Ordenadores, wants to touch a maximum people all around the world: "We are the first to propose a 1-dollar speed camera warner designed to run all around the world and using the FoxyTag high quality database. With aSpeedCam Scanner, we plan to be in the top 20 of the most downloaded applications." This application enjoys also Michel Deriaz, the FoxyTag project leader: "It is difficult for a collaborative database like FoxyTag to start in new territories, since there is less motivation to use it there. But with such an attractive price we expect to find lots of motivated users that will help us to mark all these new speed cameras."

So, aSpeedCam Scanner is finally not that much a charitable application, but simply a good deal: The users get a nice application for a very good price, and in return they will have to contribute more.


Michel Deriaz