Deep Hum Productions Announces the Release of a New Book to Help Us Live Joyfully in a Distressing World

Deep Hum Productions, Berkeley, CA has released Dancing the Deep Hum, One woman’s ideas about how to live in a dancing, singing universe! by Connie Pwll Walck Tyler. This book addresses the most urgent issues of our time and helps the reader find ways to face them head on without sinking into despair. It can be purchased through bookstores or by going to Review copies are available by contacting

Berkeley, CA, June 15, 2009 --( Deep Hum Productions, Berkeley, CA (, has released a new book, Dancing the Deep Hum, one woman’s ideas about how to live in a dancing, singing universe! by Connie Pwll Walck Tyler. This book is designed to help us get beyond the despair and fear running rampant in these hard times. We might ask of this book:

Is it:

a spiritual discussion of the meaning of life?
a polemic on the crises of racism, economic exploitation, war, impending ecological disaster?
a plea for the use of art to create a space to find answers to our personal and social problems?

Or is it a dance?

Leaping through theology, pirouetting across string theory, lunging into politics, social justice issues, and the environment, Connie Pwll Walck Tyler in Dancing the Deep Hum, spins her way toward a covenant for living in our world. Exploring the sometimes delightful and sometimes painful lessons she has learned from her own life experiences, books, film, and the media (while not shirking her culpability as a privileged American white woman) she presents a set of principles for living that just might bring us personal happiness while moving us toward a solution to the world’s ecological and social justice problems.

“Pwll is an earth dancer, justice seeker, and interfaith mystic. Her words are soul words that, like the title of her book, deeply hum the harmonies of culture, religion, science, and art. As a sister in spirit, she had me humming along with her,” says Cynthia Winton-Henry, co-founder of InterPlay (

Dancing the Deep Hum is spiced with relevant quotes from famous and not so famous people through the ages, sidebars with suggestions of books, films, musicals, and works of art with more information on the subjects being discussed, and a very thorough bibliography.

In Dancing the Deep Hum Pwll confirms the truth of Albert Einstein’s assertion that “A human being is a part of a whole, called by us universe... He experiences himself, his thoughts and feelings as something separated from the rest…a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness… a kind of prison for us…” Pwll shows us how we can go about freeing ourselves from the prison” of this delusion.

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About Connie Pwll Walck Tyler:
Connie Pwll Walck Tyler is 66 years old and lives with one foot in the world of her imagination and the other in Berkeley, California, where she teaches piano lessons, writes poetry and fantasy, and composes piano and choral music. She loves to dance and sing, and has been known to howl with the wild wolves of the windworld. Visit her website at
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