Alexander Morse Set to Debut Sneaker Couture Collection at MAGIC Marketplace

Las Vegas, NV, August 16, 2006 --( Alexander Morse will be debuting the Sneaker Couture Collection at the exciting MAGIC Marketplace, BOOTH NUMBER: ST30620-18, August 28-31, 2006 (Monday-Thursday) at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Each February and August, the fashion industry converges on Las Vegas for one of the most influential four days in the business – the MAGIC Marketplace. Over seventy years in the making, what started as a small group of manufacturers has developed into the preeminent fashion market in the world.

“I’m excited to release the Sneaker Couture Collection at the MAGIC Marketplace during one of the last weekends of summer in the beautiful city of Las Vegas. I created this collection with the vision of taking fashion to a whole new level by incorporating both high-end fashion elements with urban sports wear influences” says designer and founder Alexander Morse. Using bold colors, innovative graphics and vivid color schemes Alexander Morse has become known for it’s soleful designs.

About Alexander Morse
Alexander Morse clothing was founded in 1999 by a couple of young aspiring artist seeking to fill a perceived void in the fashion market by designing very exclusive lines of shirts and apparel around the shoe itself, the response has been overwhelming. Expect Alexander Morse to make waves in the fashion industry as the new sought after collectible.

The philosophy behind Alexander Morse is to use the human body as a canvas while using elite footwear as its inspiration. “Whether or not our customer uses the same shoe that was the basis for our design, our high quality product will stand alone in today's urban influenced market” says Alexander Morse.

Every work of art has an origin of inspiration. ~ Sole Strong.

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