Natural User Interface Europe AB Partners with N-trig

Natural User Interface Europe AB (NUI) partners with N-trig to integrate NUI's multi-touch software on N-trig platforms.

Skellefe√•, Sweden, June 17, 2009 --( Natural User Interface Europe AB (NUI), a pioneering Human Computer Interaction software product company from Sweden, with its current main focus on multi-touch technology, starts a partnership with N-trig, the company behind DuoSense® technology, the industry's first dual mode pen and capacitive multi-touch input device technology.

NUI and N-trig have been closely working together to integrate Snowflake, the multi-touch software of NUI on the N-trig platform. The new partnership will allow NUI to develop multi-touch applications that can be used by consumers and businesses for a wide range of uses and include applications for consumer gaming and multi-media management, retail shopping applications and high end engineering applications on the N-trig platforms.

"NUI’s suite of Snowflake applications demonstrates the creativity and fun consumers can have using multi-touch functionality where they can use multiple touch points to interact with the software," said Lenny Engelhardt, N-trig's VP Business Development. “We are committed to helping all ISVs expand their horizons with multi-touch capabilities and believe that this will drive a new standard in computer interfaces which will generate an unparalleled experience for consumers.”

The effect of pen and multi-touch technology on the computing market has become more significant and widespread. N-trig is driving this market segment and serving as a creative springboard for companies like NUI, to break new ground by creating software applications that can be implemented in a broad range of business and consumer environments, while setting the stage for OEMs to introduce innovative computer products. N-trig has embraced the opportunity to advance the pen and multi-touch evolution and has developed the tools for the computing industry to enable this natural progression, whereas NUI complements this opportunity by offering NUI Suite Snowflake, a multi-touch software product that operates on the N-trig platform.

During the SID event, NUI's CEO Harry van der Veen commented on the partnership: "N-trig’s hardware technology platform is groundbreaking, high performance and very reliable. By combining NUI's innovative software product Snowflake Suite with N-trig’s DuoSense hardware technology platform, both companies complement each others product. We have worked closely together to integrate Snowflake on the DuoSense platform and based on the reactions at SID from the public, we clearly see that this was a successful first step in the relationship between our companies. With the increase in demand for interactive solutions, we are very delighted to partner with a strong company like N-trig, to serve our mutual customers and we are looking forward to continue to work together."

During Society for Information Display (SID) week, a conference and exhibition for display technologies in San Antonio, Texas, N-trig showcased its new innovations for the multi-touch experience on the Windows 7 platform, with NUI's software at N-trig's booth #479.

N-trig’s DuoSense technology can be found in the Dell Latitude XT/XT2 and the HP TouchSmart tx2.

About NUI
Natural User Interface Europe AB (NUI) is a Swedish innovative emerging technology company specializing in delivering commercially available advanced multi-touch software, hardware and service solutions, to a wide varity of industries across the globe, from corporate organizations to governmental institutes. NUI is a privately funded, fast growing corporation, supported by two angel investors, with its headquarter and Innovation center in Skelleftea (Sweden), additional Software Development operations in Poland and an office in Singapore. NUI's software product, which is available to end clients, software developers, VAR's and OEM's, operates on a wide variety of hardware technology platforms like rear camera based solutions, IR overlay systems, capacitive, resistive and other touch technologies for small hand held mobile devices and larger scale interactive displays. NUI's vision is to change the way people interact with computers, through the mission of making the interface between users and technology more natural.

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