Atlanta Couple Launches Political Web Site

An Atlanta couple announced the recent launch of a new political website designed to publicize, educate and organize the large middle voting block of Americans who are dissatisfied with status quo politics. A tour of 50 state capitols will publicize site & organize launch of a third political party.

Atlanta, GA, June 17, 2009 --( Internet entrepreneurs Suzanne and Matt Foley today announced the launch of The political web site targets moderate voters, disgusted Democrats, repulsed Republicans and others favoring widespread political reform in the United States.

As part of their web site launch and promotional strategy, the Foleys and their dog Axel will travel to all 50 US state capitols in 50 days this summer for a series of rallies, meetings and speaking engagements. The 17,500 mile tour starts in Atlanta, GA on June 29th, winds its way through the entire country and culminates on Labor Day Weekend with a 'Moderate March On Washington'.

In addition to publicizing the new site and building its member base & constituency, the Foleys will use the trip to 'get a pulse' on support for launching a third political party controlled by The People. "Discontent among taxpaying, voting, American citizens is at an all time high," says co-founder Suzanne Foley. "We will leverage this uniquely timed opportunity to meet with and hear from The People at a grass roots level. If the will of The People is to form their own political party, our travels to all 50 states will organize this movement state-by-state, so we are prepared to run candidates in the 2010 Congressional elections."

Currently, is a membership subscription based Internet community bound by a common interest among its Members to see America do better. The site will feature a "Speak Up!" section with functionality from Washington, DC based Capitol Advantage. "Speak Up!" allows site Members to email, fax, telephone or send hand-delivered letters to their representatives in Congress quickly, easily and in large numbers. Other site features include individual Member profiles, access to forums on 'hot topics', blogs with commentary, event calendars and a planning section for organizing participants into a powerful political force.

In terms of 'the issues', identifies reducing the size & expense of government as one key to America's future viability. Co-founder Matt Foley elaborates. "The big government era has been a failure and a sham. If the federal government of the United States was a business, it would be the biggest corporation in the world, and it would have gone out of business long ago due to financial mismanagement! The People need to start thinking and voting like shareholders. The Democrats and Republicans have accomplished nothing for decades. And we can no longer entrust our future to their 'lesser of two evils' voting alternatives. It's time we voters join forces and 'fire the management' in Washington, DC!"

The Foleys cite recent polls and research as the validation for their belief that the majority of votes, money and overall public sentiment are to be found in the middle of the political spectrum, as opposed to the extremes. aims to attract moderates, resonate with the mainstream and become the grass roots movement turned political party and new home for the voting and financial majority of Americans.


For more information on the political movement & “50 State Capitols In 50 Days Tour Of America”, contact Suzanne & Matt Foley at 404-261-3300.
Matt Foley