The Most Innovative Investment Strategies Since the Inception of Options Trading

Saddle Brook, NJ, August 17, 2006 --( After years of being forced to accept dismal returns with exurbanite amounts of risk, the investment world will receive a breath of fresh air. The Positioning Group LLC is excited to announce the release of their new investment course The Power Position Betting Systems. The course, created to reveal how investors can increase their wealth with little risk, will be made available online at beginning next Wednesday, August 23, 2006.

“These are exciting times,” says James Sharpe the nation's leading authority on sports investing, “with the release of the power position betting systems investors have the opportunity to create real wealth without having to accept outrageous amounts of risk!”

James Sharpe the co-creator of The Power Position Betting Systems currently holds degrees in both finance and economics and states that “these days too many people are put into positions where they have to accept unprecedented amounts of risk in order to receive even the most mediocre of returns. This will not always be the case,” claims Sharpe, “with the inception of our new investment products, investors will be able to have their cake and eat it too! These systems give people the ability to earn huge returns without accepting the risks that are usually associated with those returns.”

In anticipation of The Power Position Betting Systems release, the Positioning Group, LLC has also made available as a free download, a glimpse of what the investor can expect from the full-length course. This guidebook, which reveals the sports investor philosophies, can be currently found at

James Sharpe, has received critical acclaim from the media, professional handicappers and investors from around the country. He's regarded as one of the greatest sports investors of his generation. By the end of your interview, you'll be convinced that James has all the answers. He's an excellent interview that will thrill you and your audience. Book early!

For further information contact: James Sharpe (201) 919-3003

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