Arquati USA: "Rio" Frames "Hope," the Photographic Artwork by Eric Olson

The great photographer from Pennsylvania chose an Arquati Usa picture frame for his shot, winner of the Second Prize at the 81st Annual Invitational Juried Exhibition of the Art Association of Harrisburg.

Carrollton, TX, June 18, 2009 --( It is a real alchemy the one sprang up between Eric Olson and Arquati USA, world famous photographer the first, prestigious picture frame producer the second, who became protagonists, on different fronts, of a big artistic event. Olson, in fact, chose one of the wooden picture frames of the Arquati USA Rio collection to embellish “Hope”, his latest artwork, winner of the Second Prize at the 81st Annual Invitational Juried Exhibition of the Art Association of Harrisburg, the most prestigious local event of the season.

They happened to meet right on the website on the “Customer Service” page where the artist asked the Texas company the most suitable picture frame for his photo in competition, seen among the Rio collection pieces. With a simple and essential design, elegant and sober at the same time, this picture frame matches perfectly with the warm and deep geometries of “Hope”, still life in balance between lights and shadows: shot and picture frame seem to call each other, breaking the boundaries between real and stamped, giving tridimensionality and realism to this fragment of art.

The exhibition, which saw these two jewels sparkling together, has always been of great importance in the territory, this is why the jury this year has been particularly selective in the choice of the finalists and, afterwards, of the winners; the quantity, but above all, the talent of the artists in competition made the awards charged of even more prestige and value.

The Arquati USA wooden picture frames, thanks to the wide range of the collections, can satisfy every kind of request: from the oriental calls of Lacca, to the old-looking effects of Brentwood, from the sharp lines of Ceramica, to the impetuous ones of Arabesco.

Using only materials of high quality, with a special attention and respect for the environment in the recycling of the wood and the use of the paints, Arquati USA wants to make everything a special masterpiece, being a work of art, like Olson’s winning shot, or simply a family picture to keep in the sitting room.

For further information about all the collections of Arquati USA picture frames, it is possible to visit the photogallery on the website, where you can also find the other line produced by the company dedicated to solar protection: awnings, solar shades, canopy, roller blinds, patio covers and much more.

Valentina Rossi