The Washington Network, Inc. to Distribute Business Telecom Disaster Recovery Tool

Alexandria, VA, June 18, 2009 --( In response to the numerous electrical storms that have plagued the area with power outages and telecom failures, The Washington Network, Inc. is offering a failsafe disaster recovery system known as PBX Disaster Recovery. The system will provide dependable telecom backup for businesses across the Metro DC area and beyond.

“When a company’s phone system goes down, business stops,” says Mr. Rick Endres, President. “With PBX Disaster Recovery, business owners can rest easy knowing that their system is protected.”

As a universally compatible solution, PBX Disaster Recovery acts as an automatic PBX failover. The PBX is the heart of a business phone system. Should it suddenly go RNA (Ring No Answer) or ATB (All Trunks Busy), a hosted virtual PBX from The Washington Network, Inc. will take over and route calls to preset emergency numbers. The backup system provides seamless integration so that if a PBX goes down, an organization’s customer will never know.

“Companies go to great lengths to back up data, co-locate servers, and otherwise protect the vital parts of doing business. But sometimes they forget that the PBX is a large part of what connects them with customers,” explains Endres. “PBX disaster recovery is one of the most overlooked aspects of business continuity planning – until it’s too late.”

Industry analysts believe that the PBX Disaster Recovery product is an in-demand, cost-effective alternative to high-priced backup phone systems currently being offered.

“We feel it is our duty to offer this product to every business with a phone system,” says Endres. “Our goal is to make sure that each company has a contingency plan for their telecommunications in case of disaster. We take pride in knowing that our solution can deliver that to them.”

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