The Lowest Crop of Oranges in Florida, without Hurricanes to Blame

Orlando, FL, August 17, 2006 --( Citrus Consulting International is predicting a new low record orange production for the next season crop. Dr. Elizabeth Steger released her numbers to her clients in a private luncheon in Orlando Florida today, August 16th.

She estimated an orange crop of 123 million boxes, of which 62 million boxes are from the Early Mid variety including Navels and 61 million boxes are from Valencia oranges.

She established that the reasons behind this low production are an increase in mortality rate due to canker eradication and tristeza disease, but most importantly the number of fruit per tree set was the lowest in her history of forecasting Florida oranges.

Dr. Elizabeth Steger published a book this year called “Dreams of an Immigrant” and she has pioneered the stripping procedure to determine early the orange crop before the October forecast by FASS, Florida Agricultural Statistical Service.

In her report she describes the sadness she felt when riding through orange groves and the terrible pain caused by seeing so many dying and weak condition of trees in growing areas throughout Florida.

Dr. Steger has a PhD in Chemical Engineering from University of Asuncion-Paraguay and two Masters degrees from Purdue University. She was an R&D director for Citrosuco in Brazil and she is the president of her consulting company in Kissimmee, Florida.

Her forecasts are followed with great interest by the industry. She started forecasting in 1986 in Brazil and then she started her Florida private forecast in 1992.

Citrus Consulting International
Elizabeth Steger