Balneario De Archena
Balneario De Archena

A New Parking Area for Hotel Balneario De Archena

Balneario de Archena has opened a new parking space, this “new clients parking” offers space for 414 cars.

A New Parking Area for Hotel Balneario De Archena
Murcia, Spain, July 01, 2009 --( Its three floors are designated to their clients especially to the non hosted ones and at the top building, outdoors it is exclusive for employers with 80 parking cars.

It is situated at the control access of the Thermal Pools area between a big shop of around 400 square metres.

An attractive walk where visitors and clients can have a look through Balneario de Archena History along a wood footbridge where to see all archaeological finding more than 2000 years old: a human wreckage in a Tardorroman tumb of a woman of 20 and 30 years old, as well as many other Roman finding as an irrigation ditch, chattel, Italic ceramics, two currency from Cartagonova times, one from Augusto and the other one from Tiberio., both from middle I century B.C.

Hosted clients will be parking at the parking facilities situated in the middle of the complex beside hotels.

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