MedPro Rx, Inc. Sponsors Camp Youngblood

Raleigh, NC, June 19, 2009 --( Nancy McFarlane, president of MedPro Rx, Inc. (, a provider of specialty pharmacy services to clients with chronic illnesses, has announced that the pharmacy is a sponsor for the Virginia Hemophilia Foundation’s Camp Youngblood. The camp will take place from Sunday, July 26 to Friday, July 31 and is located at 400 Holiday Trails Lane in Charlottesville, Va.

Camp Youngblood is a weeklong summer camp for children with bleeding disorders and their siblings. The camp is located on 75 acres of woodlands and hiking trails, with activities such as canoeing, kayaking, fishing, arts and crafts, talent shows, campfires, and a therapeutic riding program. The camp also contains MedKorner, a fully equipped healthcare center. For more information about the camp and carnival event, visit

Approximately one in every 5,000 males nationwide is born with hemophilia, affecting all racial and socioeconomic groups equally. People with hemophilia experience bleeding following an injury and may have frequent spontaneous bleeding episodes, often into the joints and muscles. More traumatic injuries may result in serious problems and potential disability. The three most common types of hemophilia are Hemophilia A or Factor VIII Deficiency, Hemophilia B or Factor IX Deficiency, and von Willebrand Disease. vWD is caused by a deficiency or defect of a clotting protein, and it affects approximately 1-2 percent of the United States population. Unlike hemophilia, vWD occurs equally among males and females and is more likely to cause nosebleeds and bleeding under the skin than into the joints.

“We are excited to sponsor Camp Youngblood this year,” McFarlane said. “Camp Youngblood is a great opportunity for children living with bleeding disorders to have a fun and safe summer camp experience with others facing the same challenges.”

About MedPro Rx, Inc.:
MedPro Rx, Inc. is a specialty infusion pharmacy which has been providing infused and injectable medications and services to clients with chronic illnesses since 2002. With more than 100 years of combined pharmacy, nursing and management experience, MedPro Rx is dedicated to improving the overall outcomes of the client therapy experience. MedPro Rx’s goal is to set the standard for infusion care and achieve positive clinical outcomes for clients by participating in the healthcare process through integrated, community-based systems. As a specialty infusion pharmacy, MedPro Rx is an Accreditation Commission for Health Care, Inc. provider (ACHC) whose services emphasize treatments for individuals with hemophilia, vWD, autoimmune neuromuscular disorders and other complex chronic conditions. Services include client and family advocacy, complimentary pick-up of sharps containers at the client’s location of choice, express shipping and personal medication delivery services, complete insurance and benefit counseling, and the assurance that MedPro Rx stocks all factor and IVIg brands, all doses from all manufacturers, all the time. MedPro Rx offers specialty intravenous therapies such as IVIg, which treats a variety of immunodeficient diagnoses, and clotting factor for a client to use in their home, at infusion clinics and in the physicians’ offices. For more information or to receive a free consultation and health insurance evaluation, please call (888) 571-3100 or visit

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