Broadcasters Association Unveils New Name

Los Angeles, CA, June 19, 2009 --( The Online Broadcasters Association has announced a change in the name of their organization. Now known as the Digital Broadcasters Association, the trade organization feels that the new name accurately reflects the broader membership of the association. At the same time, the name retains the essence of the Internet broadcasting community that remains the core member base.

The announcement was made on the association’s web site.

"As technological advancements bring the worlds of terrestrial broadcasting and Internet broadcasting closer together, it is important for us to take a progressive step forward by shaping our association to embrace the changing face of the industry." the announcement read in part.

Although the core membership of the organization has always been Internet broadcasting, the work of the association is also done to the benefit of terrestrial broadcasters who also offer various forms of online streaming. Because these broadcast companies do not view themselves as being Internet broadcasters, they could not identify with the "Online Broadcasters" heading.

"Rebranding ourselves as the Digital Broadcasters Association provides us with a platform that terrestrial broadcast companies can identify with, while still adequately describing those involved with online broadcasting" said Jerry Garner, Founder of the broadcasters association.

The timing couldn’t be better, as most broadcast agencies are in the process of making the final switch from analog to digital transmission. By focusing on digital broadcasting as a whole, the organization is now able to reach out to television broadcasters, radio broadcasters and a host of other companies that would not have been applicable under the original focus of the group.

For additional information, please contact:
Jerry Garner
Founder, Digital Broadcasters Association
(702) 990-0914 ) today. The news was also distributed by email to those who were already registered members of the organization.

About the Digital Broadcasters Association:

The Digital Broadcasters Association (DBA) strives to serve the interests of the Internet broadcasting community. This is done by promoting cooperation and understanding among it’s members, which helps foster an environment of unity. The DBA endorses and encourages the development of 21st century technologies that will enhance the scope of online broadcasting. The Association also presents a united effort to represent the interests of online broadcasters in Government, by campaigning for free broadcast initiatives and lobbying against policies that restrict members' ability to conduct business.

Digital Broadcasters Association
Jerry Garner