Firestoreonline to Offer Personalized Public Safety Products with SolveIT

Firestoreonline, a Florida-based online public safety products, will utilize SolveIT's framework software CustomView to create a web application that will give them the freedom to update and maintain products, and pricing. CustomView will help them have a dynamic online store and offer virtual samples to their customers.

Westborough, MA, June 19, 2009 --( SolveIT Inc. is proud to announce that it has signed up Firestoreonline, a Florida-based public safety equipment company, to implement CustomView™ eStore and eVirtual modules. The New Smyrna Beach-based firm will utilize SolveIT’s proprietary framework software, CustomView™, to create a dynamic virtual store front that will enable them to sell custom badges, uniform apparel, and other public safety related items.

With CustomView™ eStore, Firestoreonline will be able to have a fully-functional e-commerce web storefront that gives them the freedom to change and update products, and pricing as and when they want. CustomView™’s highly flexible framework will be used to build an inventory module for Firestoreonline that will monitor inventory levels and send alerts when it goes below the threshold. SolveIT Inc. will also help the company to integrate with one of its suppliers and achieve smooth flow of order information between Firestoreonline and its supplier.

The new web store will also provide customers the ability to personalize the products and preview it before making the purchase. With CustomView™ eVirtual, the ability to customize is bound to attract additional traffic to the store and is certain to pique the interest of the online shoppers.

“We are happy to sign Firestoreonline as a client to CustomView™ eStore and eVirtual modules,” said Vasu Ram, CEO of SolveIT Inc. “By not only providing a robust ecommerce application, we are also expanding our features by implementing Inventory tracking module and the ability to directly connect with their suppliers to fulfill orders.

“As a pioneer in selling public safety products online, Firestoreonline wants to maintain its competitive edge and this new web store will provide Firestoreonline with all the tools necessary to help them reach the next level. With CustomView™ eVirtual, Firestoreonline will be able to offer personalization to their customers and become one of only a handful of companies to offer the customer this feature, ensuring enhanced user experience.”

“I have seen firsthand what SolveIT has been able to do for one of our suppliers and I expect FireStoreOnline’s sales to skyrocket after we implement the new web platform along with CustomView,” said Don Jones, owner, Firestoreonline. “A cutting edge web-site and technology solution enables our company to stay ahead of the competition and regain a competitive edge. SolveIT offered the obvious best solution and features to grow our business. Offering a customer a 2D or even 3D image is the next best thing to actually having the customer in the store to touch the product. I am very excited to launch the new technology and watch our sales grow.”

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