Chandler Concrete Employees Receives National Sustainability Certification

Chandler Concrete's; Bob Cartner; Technical Sales, Brad Stowe; Technical Sales, Carl Wilburn; Key Accounts Manager, Casey Roberts; Technical Sales and Steve Bernard; Technical Sales all received the certification of Concrete Sustainability Specialist from the National Concrete Ready Mix Association (NRMCA).

Burlington, NC, June 19, 2009 --( The training leading to this designation makes these key employees experts in sustainable residential and commercial development. Sustainable development meets the needs of present construction without compromising the project specifications and helps preserve the resources for future generations. This Green Building technology focuses on the built environment while minimizing environmental impact of buildings and the environmental attributes of concrete.

Chandler Concrete is offering these services to their customers to educate and promote the use of concrete building as a means to achieve LEED certifications. These Green Building practices using concrete are achieved through regional materials, the recycling of concrete waste, its resiliency to mold and fungus, and the reduction of VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds). Concrete also offers Green Building benefits including its strength and durability composition promoting less maintenance and repairs. It also conserves energy through the use of thermal mass and reduced air infiltration which save on reduced utility bills. Concrete has become the forerunner for storm water management projects with permeable paver/paving systems.1

There is an aggressive “Green Movement” across the U.S. and abroad and concrete offers versatility, sustainability, recyclability, energy efficiency, and durability. With the current government initiatives being offered and the heightened consumer awareness for the environment, concrete is a strong contender for any building project conscious of Green Building and LEED certifications.

Chandler Concrete offers Green Building assistance to builders, architects, engineers, and contactors who want to learn more about the benefits of using concrete and achieving LEED certifications.

For more information on sustainable development contact Chandler Concrete, 336-226-1181 or online at

1 Source: Paul Lavene, Carolinas Concrete Masonry Association 336-852-2074

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