Bruised Kisses Poet Book Signing in Greeley, CO

Aurora, CO, June 19, 2009 --( Bruised Kisses Poet, Monique M. McDowell, will have a book signing for her first poetry book Bruised Kisses: Affliction vs. Affection, A Collection of Poems at Hastings in Greeley, CO on June 27th at 2pm.

Bruised Kisses evolved from living in the midst of struggle- drug addicted mother, drug dealing father, childhood chesters, college crushes, heart breaks, marriage, divorce, motherhood, homelessness, mental wealth, emotional poverty, at it's most powerful, yet vulnerable moments. In her own words Ms. McDowell says, "I hope that my book of poetry will inspire men and women of all ages to live life with passion and love with intensity; to cry hard and laugh louder; more so to close doors and open others with the refreshing knowledge that everyday is another that wasn't promised. I lived through alot of things that may have driven some to their deathbed. I survived to give you Bruised Kisses: Affliction vs. Affection, A Collection of Poems and hopefully much more."

Here are some things that others have said about Bruised Kisses & Ms. McDowell's poetry:
"Bruised Kisses is the author's proof of a life lived with courage, reflection and evolving wisdom. With engaging command and candid eloquence she empathizes with the lurking fears and whispered worries of the young, destitute and aspiring. Ms. McDowell invites the reader to revisit their own life and write an epilogue to their greatest pain, one that affirms insistently ‘Yes, even misery has meaning."
-Safiya Songhai, Miss Black United States 2009/Emmy Award Winning/ Producer/Writer/Director/Actress

"The rhythm of Ms. McDowell's poetry coupled with the emotional energy makes for beautiful poetry. My favorites are Thank you for the Son and Bruised Kisses. This poetry collection is an outstanding addition to one's library."
- Susan Gallucci, Georgetown Alum/Director of NW Maternity Home

In regards to her poem, When Poets Make Love....
"The purity and sentimentality comes shining through..." - Karen Palumbo, Author, Age of Entitlement & Expectation; The Struggle, First Generation

"This is a heart felt sensational tribute to all poets! simply beautiful." - Elaine George, Poet

"Awesome dedication to poets everywhere and when...very crisp, polished and to the point, I love that. Well done." - Kristin Reynolds, Poet

"Absolutely Beautiful.Rhythym and tone was great and such wonderful expressions." - Lacy Verret, Poet

The Woman in the Mirror....
"A thought provoking write indeed, makes one want to take a close look at theirself. Well done, enjoyed!" - Joyce E. Bowling, Poet & Author, Kentucky...The Mountains I Call Home

Please read and'll need tissues and a seatbelt, this ride is a rough one. For more details on book signings, please view Come join Ms. McDowell and celebrate the release of Bruised Kisses.

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