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Here finally a business directory with a businessman's needs in mind. Know more at www.easy2source.com.

Mumbai, India, August 18, 2006 --(PR.com)-- Here finally a business directory with a businessman’s needs in mind. Businessmen can do with less clutter and a little more ease. Keeping this in mind, easy2source.com makes the tedious task of searching for appropriate results an absolutely easy task.

Make a demand on the search engine and be amply rewarded with the most satisfying results. Look for a supplier of a certain product or vice versa and find a choice of the choicest to choose from. Here finally an easy to search and find business directory with the needs of time management kept in mind.

Netlink Solutions (India) Limited, that’s the business entity that requests your pleasure to be part of a co-venture. A Business’s venture to search for information, and Netlink Solutions (India) Limited’s venture to provide the information via easy2source.com with no occurrences by co-incidence. Compiled and put together over a period of years by a specialist team, with every search engine algorithm in place, and with the choicest associates registered, information acquired here speaks volumes for the venture.

Listed on the Mumbai Stock Exchange, with a market capitalization of over Rupees 100 million, Netlink Solutions (India) Limited has synergetic divisions. The divisions namely, Gifts & Accessories Magazine, Aditya Infotech, and gnaol.com along with easy2source.com form an enviable combination of information providing entities.

The need of information in today’s world spurs easy2source.com’s energies. Armed with an arsenal of formidable techniques to make information available at the fingertips of an information seeker, easy2souce.com makes an invitation that cannot be turned down to a systematic collection of information. Here finally with every click kept in mind, a directory of a business, for a business, by a business.

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Know more at www.easy2source.com or E-mail netlink@easy2source.com or make a telephone call on telephone numbers 91-22-2633 5583, 91-22-2633 5584, 91-22-2637 1422, 91-22- 2637 1522.

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