Gate2Shop Provides Multiple Currencies and Multilingual Support

Gate2Shop continues to answer the e-commerce industry needs.

London, United Kingdom, June 22, 2009 --( One of the challenges in operating a successful business globally in today’s economy is the ability to provide a high quality level of customer support. Setting up customer support to efficiently handle and respond to the wide amount of questions and requests requires customer service offered in many different languages. For vendors that only target a market that uses one language predominantly this task is simplified, but for targeting the market worldwide, this can be a challenge.

Gate2Shop takes this challenge head-on, by providing each page of the website in multiple languages to ensure that that vast majority of the public can get a complete and clear idea about the services that Gate2Shop provides. As part of the service, vendors have the opportunity to receive a fully customized payment page and in doing so up to 12 languages and 11 major world currencies are offered at no extra charge.

One of the practices of Gate2Shop is selectively employing specialists in the e-commerce industry that possess unique linguistic talents to offer customer support in many of the most demanding languages. This practice is one of the most important during the staffing process at Gate2Shop. By holding to these standards Gate2Shop delivers one of the most efficient and well rounded customer support teams in the business.

Customer support is one of the foundations that Gate2Shop is structured around; together with global offices Gate2Shop compliments the service with multi-lingual specialists to provide superior service worldwide.

Gate2Shop, power by the superior technology of SafeCharge, has a decade of experience in providing solutions for the e-commerce industry. Specializing in the software industry, Gate2Shop provides one of the most secure and flexible solutions in the business. And now you can get the service in the language you want.

Dennis Gannon
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