Merilife: Relationship Help is Just a Click Away

Delhi, India, June 21, 2009 --( Divorce rates in India are rising at an alarming rate. Be it Delhi, Bangalore or Mumbai, the divorce rates have almost doubled or even tripled in recent times. But what does this suggest about the number of couples who are not in a happy marriage? It’s anybody’s guess.

Aditi, married for 5 years and a mother of a 4 year old brat, could not see the increasing number of divorces and marital disputes all around her and do nothing about it.

She quit her well settled career in a major IT company and decided to set up a one stop online relationship advisory company Merilife has been set up with a mission to promote the use of professional help to resolve couple problems and to foster good relationships for a healthier, happier life.

"Every day we see minor marital disputes" says Aditi, "blowing out of proportions due to lack of proper advice. Getting neutral advice in relationship disputes can be a tricky one. Parents, in-laws, friends all have their own biases. And then there is an issue of privacy. How many of us are ready to wash our dirty linen in public?”

Aditi decided to leverage technology to bring the best counselors and lawyers closer to the couples who can benefit from their professional advice. Merilife offers counseling, legal help through telephone and email in an environment that ensures 100 % privacy and confidentiality.

Merilife has taken several steps to ensure privacy of it’s clients. To start with, Merilife does not ask for client’s real name. Thus the counselor who knows about client’s problem does not know client’s name or the contact details. Counseling takes place in a highly secure virtual conference room. The client enters the virtual conference room by dialing a phone number and a password.

And it does not end there. Realizing that the majority of the couples don’t need expensive therapy sessions to solve their relationship problems, Merilife has introduced a service called Ur 3AM friend. Under this service client’s can discuss their problems with a neutral person. The advantage of this service is that it’s inexpensive and allows the clients to talk about their problems in a neutral and safe environment.

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Aditi Srivastava