ZHMICRO Releases the New Linux Visual ’09 IDE for the ZHMICRO Software Development Platform

Z++ Visual ’09, the new Linux IDE for the ZHMICRO Software Development Platform has been released to help software developers in rapidly developing Mobile, Desktop, and advanced Enterprise Applications from the Linux Operating System.

Plano, TX, June 21, 2009 --(PR.com)-- ZHMICRO LLC, a leading provider of enterprise software development tools based on the C++ Software Development Language, today announced availability of the new Linux Visual ’09 IDE (Integrated Development Environment). ZHMICRO has created a familiar but easier way for software development organizations to create Mobile, Desktop, and advanced Enterprise Applications that meet todays cost and time sensitive requirements. This Linux version is the only “Complete” IDE available in the market today and has all the same features and functionality as the Z++ Visual ’09 Windows version. Its features include a built-in Text Editor, Debugger, Compiler, Memory Leak Detection, and many other features that focus on simplifying the software development process allowing Developers greater ease in the creation and building of complete end to end solutions. A complete list of these features are available at http://www.zhmicro.com.

“This latest product release of the Linux Visual ‘09 continues ZHMICRO's commitment to provide Software Developers with a truly “Complete” Linux IDE that is feature rich, easy to use, and gives Software Development Organizations a “One Stop” solution that allows them to greatly reduce their development costs and make the most efficient use of their development resources,” said Daniel Hatton, VP of Mobile Sales, ZHMICRO LLC.

ZHMICRO’s Visual ‘09 (Windows and Linux) offers a comprehensive Integrated Development Environment (IDE) which gives a software developer unmatched capabilities by extending the capabilities of C++. When used with the Z47 Virtual Processor, applications written with Visual ‘09 are capable of running on multiple Desktop and Enterprise Operating Systems such as Microsoft Windows, LINUX, and UNIX as well as Mobile Operating Systems such as Palm, Windows Mobile, and Pocket PC. This combination of applications written with Visual ‘09, and the use of the Z47 Virtual Processor, allows for the rapid development of Enterprise, Desktop, and Mobile Applications and the integration of these applications within a wide range of frameworks. For more information or to request a free 60-day evaluation, please visit zhmicro.com or contact ZHMICRO at zppsales@zhmicro.com.

Headquartered in Plano, Texas, ZHMICRO provides software development tools that enable organizations to maximize the return on their intellectual capital investment. The company's software development solutions provide the ability to create and support mobile and enterprise ready applications that are capable of running on multiple Operating Systems while reducing the complexity normally associated with other development tools. ZHMICRO's business consulting and educational services include assisting Software Development Organizations in creating simple solutions while overcoming the many technical hurdles that exist in complex operating environments.

Dan Witt