Thirukkural Distributed as Mobile Books for Participants at Ulaga Thirukkural Peravai’s International Conference

Entire Thirukkural with meanings were distributed as Mobile Books at Ulaga Thirukkural Peravai 3rd International Conference held at Rathnagiri here on 20th and 21st of this month. These books were provided free of cost and participants with bluetooth enabled phones received these mobile books through Bluetooth transmission provided at the venue.

Vellore, India, June 22, 2009 --( Tirukkural in mobile book format is readable on most of the mobile phone models currently available in the market. This contains entire 1330 couplets of Thirukkural along with its meanings in Tamil. This is developed by MobileVeda, an innovative startup located and supported by VIT University’s Technology Business Incubator. It is to be noted that the company had released 1000 books on a mobile memory card early this year.

“This effort is to showcase people that Tamil is constantly upgrading herself to embrace the latest technologies, adapt to changes and withstand challenges. Tamil being first language to go on print in India is also credited to be one of the early adopter of Information Technology, thanks to presence of large number of Tamilians all over the world. It is also to be noted that we are the pioneers in releasing Tamil books in mobile phones and thus Tamil is credited to be the first Indian language whose literature is made available as mobile books” said K.R. Ganesh Ram, Founder of MobileVeda.

He further added that “Support from VIT University is the primary key for success in this initiative and we also thank the management of Hotel Darling Residency for sponsoring the Thirukkural Mobile Books distribution project at Ulaga Thirukkural Peravai’s international conference for two days.”

About MobileVeda

MobileVeda is a startup being incubated at VIT University’s Technology Business Incubator (VITTBI), working on various projects related mobile Value Added Services (VAS) Their first project is Mobile Publishing where books are published in mobile phone readable format. The team is currently working on Bluetooth Proximity Platform and also on areas of developing Web and Mobile Applications.

Ganesh Ram KR
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