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Business Service Management (BSM) Software, from Magnum Technologies, Proves to be Worth the Investment – Real World ROI Saves Client 1.2 Million

New Whitepaper from Magnum Technologies Details Financial Rewards of Implementing its ADVANTAGE BSM Software Solution

Minneapolis, MN, August 18, 2006 --( - Magnum Technologies, the leading business service management firm, today announced its ability to definitively calculate the ROI generated by its BSM software, ADVANTAGE.

Magnum Technologies’ Fortune 500 client, with an IT Staff of over 450, reported an estimated annual savings of more than $1 million with significant cost-reductions including:

Reduction of opened manual service tickets – Saved $110,000
Avoided investment in additional IT headcount – Saved $300,000

Improved Mean Time to Repair by 30% - Saved $340,000  

Company executives craved the ability to prioritize and resolve IT problems based on business impact. Company executives also demanded the ability to retrieve on-demand and updated information to check on the health of IT/application services which support specific lines of business.

“Delivering on the client’s need to prioritize IT problems, based on business impact while increasing ROI, reinforces the value of Magnum Technologies’ ADVANTAGE BSM software,” said Mike Ducatelli, senior vice president, Magnum Technologies.  “This success story is a concrete example of the improvements ADVANTAGE BSM software can bring to an IT organization.” 

To learn how Magnum Technologies’ is increasing client ROI, read the full Business Service Management whitepaper:

About Magnum Technologies
Magnum Technologies develops software solutions that align IT operations with enterprise priorities. Magnum Technologies’ suite of automated management solutions includes DIAGNOSEIT®, COORDINATOR™, CAP-TREND® and its flagship product, ADVANTAGE®.

Magnum Technologies’ software solutions are designed to easily integrate with and enhance the effectiveness of existing management platforms by monitoring and measuring IT performance from a line-of-business perspective. Magnum Technologies’ clients include Fort Sam Houston, BRG and Starz.

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Magnum Technologies
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