A New Way to Unlock the iPhone 3.0 Increases Demand; Stock in Central London Stores Exhausted

New York, NY, June 24, 2009 --(PR.com)-- Mobile phone retailers run out of stock as queues for new iPhone 3GS handsets exceed predictions, in large part thanks to a new solution designed to unlock the iPhone 3.0.

o2 and Carphone Warehouse stores in Central London and in other major UK cities suffered a mismatch in supply and demand on Friday 19th, following the release of the new iPhone handset. Visitors to the stores on the iPhone 3gs release date were estimated to be ten times higher than usual and as a result many sold out of the new handsets.

Part of the surge in consumer interest could be due to new software designed to unlock iPhone that has become available over recent months. A simple download from websites such as that of the iPhone Unlocking Ltd. company allows iPhone 3gs users to unlock their iPhone 3.0 firmware and use their handsets with any network provider as opposed to only being able to use default provider, o2.

“Our new software will unlock any iPhone, in any country, running any firmware version, including the latest 3.0” says Mark Scott, Company Director of iPhone Unlocking Ltd. “The software can unlock iPhones, even unlock the iPhone 3.0 that have been damaged by other unlocking methods and also iPhones that have been previously unlocked but have been relocked due to upgrading through iTunes.”

Founded in August 2007, iPhone Unlocking Ltd. have sold to well over 1 million customers. Their newest software download serves to unlock the iPhone 3gs using a simple programme. The company maintain that the process takes no longer than five minutes and as part of their lifetime guarantee regular updates are included and the option to relock phones when they are wanted for resale.

The release of the new iPhone model this week resulted in o2 and Carphone Warehouse stores all over the UK running out of stock. There is said to be a correlation between the huge consumer interest and sales of iPhone unlocking software. Manchester based company iPhone Unlocking Ltd. are experiencing a huge rise in downloads due to their latest iPhone 3gs unlocking software version, which is expected to continue over the next few weeks.

Mark Scott
Company director
iPhone Unlocking Ltd.

Mark Scott