Eltima Software Team is Proud to Announce the Release of Serial Splitter 4.0

Bellevue, WA, June 24, 2009 --(PR.com)-- Eltima Software, a global software development company has released Serial Splitter 4.0 version, a multifunctional tool which provides all users with a full access to real and virtual serial ports handling. This powerful software includes features of three bestselling serial products by Eltima Software: Shared Serial Ports, COM Port Redirector and Serial Splitter itself and will certainly help in managing COM ports up to your demands.

Serial Splitter is a powerful software tool, one of whose functions is implied in its name: It can split any hardware serial port into as many virtual serial ports as needed, all of them fully emulating the original port's behavior and properties and even having the very same name. Thereby any data sent to the real COM port is immediately received by each virtual one, which can be quite helpful, for example, if you want to enable some serial device to interact simultaneously with many applications.

Serial Splitter's another useful function is joining any number of COM ports into one virtual COM port. For instance, the Serial Splitter can enable some application interact with several serial devices simultaneously, by ensuring that any data sent to one of the joined ports is immediately received by the joining port, and vice versa.

If you need to run some software with "hardwired" serial-port settings that you cannot change easily enough, Serial Splitter comes in handy, again: It lets you easily redirect all serial traffic from one hardware COM port to another (hardware or virtual) COM port, thereby making any data sent to the redirected port immediately arrive at the redirection port.

Furthermore, with Serial Splitter you can create complex bundles of real and virtual COM ports and interconnect them as you need, thereby allowing them to exchange data.

Note To Editors: A free registration key for a review is available upon request. Contact Alex Taylor (alex.taylor at eltima.com) for more information or to request a registration key.

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