SEO Advantage Updates Web Site Design

Search engine optimization firm’s website gets new look while retaining company’s unique brand image

Tampa, FL, June 24, 2009 --( There are many ways a company can redesign its web site to refresh its look and attitude. Some firms decide it is in their best interest to completely redesign their site every few years, while other companies do that each year. Search engine optimization firm SEO Advantage ( prefers to make incremental web site design changes one step at a time while retaining major elements that site visitors identify with.

The most significant change to the company’s website is the top navigation menu, which uses a completely new format that reads “SEO + Copy + Media + Design = Long Term Rankings.” Each of these items contains a link to sub pages that contain more detail. Aside from changing the menu, web development professionals at SEO Advantage gave the site a simpler feel by increasing the font size of the content and adding some dynamic movement with a magnifying glass graphic.

“SEO Advantage has built its online presence over the past decade, and there’s a considerable amount of equity in its web site. Instead of going for a complete site redesign, we decided to instead focus on a few specific items,” says Gaby Zapien, art director and webmaster at SEO Advantage. “While the design is a definite change from before, it is easily recognizable to repeat visitors. Retaining that continuity will help us gauge which changes are working to increase response and which ones are not.”

The completely new format of the navigation menu also serves to help new site visitors easily understand what SEO services the firm offers and how SEO Advantage helps companies achieve high long-term rankings in the search engines. The top navigation graphic itself is a simplified explanation of how SEO Advantage achieves high search engine rankings. Through links from the graphic, site visitors can easily learn more.

“We wanted to give the quickest and simplest explanation we could about our services - a way for people without technical savvy to understand the value and importance of the holistic approach to SEO and web design that we employ,” explained Zapien.

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