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The online retailer The Home & Garden Centre has launched a new Buying Guide for Garden Log Cabins.

Monmouthshire, United Kingdom, August 19, 2006 --(PR.com)-- The online retailer The Home & Garden Centre has launched a new Buying Guide for Garden Log Cabins. As well as the Centre's wide range of DIY buildings, gardening and home products, the team have seen a substantial increase in the number of people looking to add value or extra space to their home through the installation of a log cabin in the garden. The simple guide has been launched in response to the key questions the team are constantly asked, hoping to encourage people that log cabins are a viable, environmentally-friendly and very cost-effective way to add value to a property... or even just a great way to enjoy your garden!

What is a garden log cabin?

Garden Log Cabins in the UK usually come in a high-quality DIY Kit form. These log cabin kits are offered in a variety of wall thickness, ranging from 28mm to 45mm and typically made from pre-cut, pre-notched, tongue and grooved kiln dried timbers for a very quick assembly and a sturdy and attractive construction, using minimal tools.

Which log cabin is for you?

There are a few key suppliers of log cabins in the market and choosing the right one will mostly depend on the design and your budget. Online stores are a good reference, as they can display a range of designs, and are typically much cheaper than garden centres or diy chain stores.

How much space do you have?

Timber Cabins are available in many designs - many of which are designed for smaller gardens where space is limited and start at around £600, delivered (see Hytti). If space is not an issue, Cabins can range up the 2-storey, 5-roomed Helsinki model priced at around £9,900. Most cabins require basic groundwork, so unless you're a keen DIY-er, it may be advised to involve a builder.

Who is the log cabin for?

You will have to consider all the possibilities, and all cabins lend themselves to different uses, as explained by The Home & Garden Centre's Josh Harris "We've known some of our log cabins to be used as home libraries, summer rooms, spas, saunas, guest rooms - anything you can think of! They're increasingly a popular way of adding overflow space to a home - and they look great". Is your log cabin going to be used for the kids to play in, to store the garden tools, sauna, home gym or as a place to entertain your friends... all of these, perhaps?

You should now know who the log cabin will used by and how much space you have available, so by now should have an image of a log cabin in mind.

How much do you have to spend?

Many log cabin buyers see their log cabin as an investment - after all, it adds an extra room to your home (whether this is use for storage, home office, gym, sauna, reading room or something else) and can be an interesting selling-point to your property. Like most timber products, you get what you pay for. Log Cabins start at £600 and can increase into the tens of thousands. The Home & Garden Centre’s online store for example, sells a good range of Log Cabins to suit all budgets – starting at £600 all inc and increasing up to the largest model, the Helsinki log cabin. 

Do you want to build the log cabin yourself?

Building your own log cabin can be a satisfying and rewarding experience - especially for the DIY enthusiast! Most Cabins require just basic tools and the good ones come with detailed build instructions. For some people this is not so appealing. The best option here would be to find a local builder to do it for you.

This advice is obviously rather general, but offers log cabin advice for anybody thinking about extending their home or looking for a garden room. To talk through a project with a top log cabin online shop, visit www.home-garden-centre.co.uk. Seasonal discounts and free delivery make their prices very competitive.

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