This is Not Your Mother's Curtain Rod Bracket

Almost everyone who sees this innovation has the reaction of "it's so simple why didn't anyone think of it sooner?"

Plainville, MA, June 23, 2009 --( Massachusetts Firm Re-invents The Curtain Rod Bracket

A Massachusetts fusing firm has added a new twist to an old invention. They have fused pins to a standard curtain rod bracket, making the use of nails or screws a thing of the past. Most of us have fumbled with those tiny nails or screws that come with old fashioned brackets, perhaps banging a finger or two in the process. Even if you escaped injury, you more than likely cursed when you dropped those tiny nails or screws.

All of that is just a bad memory thanks to the “E-Z Curtain Rod Bracket” and inventor Dana Titus. Titus leads the fusing company called Triad, a division of Titus Engraving Inc. located in Plainville, MA. All that is needed to install these time-saving brackets is a small tack hammer after you press the brackets into place at the top of the window molding. You do not sacrifice strength for convenience, these curtain rod brackets have been tested to hold an amazing 50 pounds.

Hardware stores have marveled at the simplicity of the invention and sales have been brisk. Titus has received a patent on the design so you won’t be seeing any imitations any time soon. These curtain rod brackets can be re-used over and over and are made in the U.S.A. from solid steel.

There are other curtain rod brackets that don’t require screws or nails, but the hardware is bulky and takes up the whole corner of the window molding-not very practical. “Let your curtains be the object of attention, not the hardware,” Dana says. Triad has swung into full production and is filling orders online as well as in stores. For pictures and more information please visit us on the web by clicking the link below, or call Thomas Burr @ (508) 243-5262.


Contact: Thomas Burr (508) 243-5262
Thomas Burr
(508) 243-5262
E-Z Curtain Rod Bracket

E-Z Curtain Rod Bracket

Picture of the E-Z Curtain Rod Bracket (right side)