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GWI Launches Updated Website at

Boston, MA, June 24, 2009 --( GreenWood International Insurance Services, Inc (GWI), a Managing General Underwriter based in Boston, MA, recently unveiled their retooled and revamped website, The site is user-friendly and designed primarily with their brokers in mind. Practical information and downloadable forms are readily available with a few clicks of the mouse, keeping GWI at the cusp of technological advances in the industry.

The official launch date of the new site was June 6, and it has been well received by GWI’s brokers, Third Party Administrators, insurance carriers, and business associates.

Sherry Knight, Director of Communications and Media at ITA Partners, complimented GWI’s efforts by stating, “The website is well designed, well written and easy to navigate. Great work.”

One primary goal of is to become a continuous link between GWI and its clients. Beginning July 1, a monthly broker-centric newsletter will be available on the site. A fresh “News and Events” page is consistently updated to keep visitors aware of events such as sales contests and conference appearances at both GreenWood International and its sister company, Integrated Healthcare, LLC. Site visitors wanting to keep abreast of happenings at GWI almost instantly, can follow GWI on Twitter, the social and business telegraphing phenomenon, though a link on the News and Events section of

GreenWood International Insurance Services, Inc specializes in medical stop loss, group accident insurance, and occupational accident insurance. GWI is able to deliver superior customer service, flexible underwriting, and tailors coverage to the individual risk management needs of its clients, as opposed to the “one size fits most” approach of GWI’s competition. The company’s personal attention to their brokers and agents fosters strong relationships, which has given the company a long-standing reputation as a leader in the reinsurance and insurance industries.

In their mission to remain at the forefront of their industry, GWI offers a revolutionary point-and-click consumer driven healthcare platform through their sister company, Integrated Healthcare, LLC. Integrated Healthcare, LLC, focuses on delivering a cost effective healthcare solution to small and mid-size businesses of 50 to 2000 employees—a market that has been overlooked by CDHP providers in the past. The fully-integrated, user-friendly platform motivates participants to manage their health, arming them with health coaching, educational and wellness resources, and health forecasting tools to encourage informed decision making and beneficial relationships with medical providers. This active, over passive, approach improves the quality of care, thus driving down cost for both employee and employer.


For more information about GreenWood International Insurance Services, Inc, please visit or contact our Boston office at 617-502-3000. For more information about Integrated Healthcare, LLC, please visit or contact 617-502-3000.
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