WebActivation 1.1 - Software License Activation Server

WebActivation is any easy solution to activate, release and restore software licenses protected by QuickLicense. The default setup includes Windows executable and ASP files placed on a company web site. The WebActivationRT.dll offers the same features with external methods.

Placitas, NM, June 24, 2009 --(PR.com)-- Excel Software has enhanced the WebActivation system to activate software licenses. WebActivation is a self-hosted software license server used to activate QuickLicense protected applications or documents. WebActivation 1.1 adds a DLL replacement of all EXE files and enhancements to easily utilize the new activation, release and restore features introduced in QuickLicense 4 without requiring a web browser on the client computer.

WebActivation consists of a documented design and a set of customizable components. With the default set of EXE, ASP and configuration text files, an automated activation system can be setup quickly. The new WebActivationRT.dll includes the same capabilities as the EXE files but presents a more convenient interface for many web server programming environments.

Software vendors issue serial numbers that control how many computers can run a software license. Users can easily and securely move a license between computers. WebActivation 1.1 simplifies the process of implementing a fully automated, browser-less process for license activation, release and restore without vendor involvement. WebActivation can be integrated into the vendor's order processing system. It is used for Mac and Windows applications protected with QuickLicense and documents protected with DocProtect.

A software vendor uses QuickLicense to configure various types of trial and product licenses, the activation process and any restrictions or limitations on the activated software. A license can be applied to any Mac or Windows application or various kinds of documents using DocProtect. Any number of protected products or licenses can be distributed, royalty-free. An activated license does not require an Internet connection.

WebActivation 1.0 is $2500 for one web server. It normally requires a dedicated web hosting account that allows ASP files to run executables that read, write and delete files stored on the vendor web site. Alternatively, the WebActivationRT.dll exposes the same features through external methods and can be easily demonstrated with the included SendWebActivationRT tool.

The WebActivation system includes a tool to edit data files that store serial numbers and license data. It comes with a printed and PDF User Guide with ready-to-use web pages, design diagrams plus technical phone and email support. Visit the company web site to see videos that demonstrate the QuickLicense technology.

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