The Pharmaceutical Plant "Pharmaco Group" Has Passed the State Accreditation

The pharmaceutical plant "Pharmaco Group" has passed the state accreditation.

Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, June 25, 2009 --( Work of department of quality assurance of the largest domestic enterprise "Pharmaco Group" was estimated by the Kyrgyz Center of accreditation, having handed over to plant the accreditation certificate on conformity to requirements of State Standard Р ISO/MEK 17025. The Commission of experts has studied the documents presented by the enterprise, has checked up a state of affairs in physical and chemical and microbiological laboratories.

Natalia Babak, the chief of department of quality assurance of Pharmaco Group, said: "Experts estimated professionalism of employees of department of quality assurance, efficiency of methods used by us. Eventually, we have received the certificate of accreditation certifying that the department of quality assurance of factory corresponds to the standard. Thus, we have confirmed that Kyrgyz people can entrust us the health. This certificate proves safety of each tablet made by Pharmaco Group."

According to N. Babak, medical products are exposed to the careful control at all intermediate stages of manufacturing. The department of quality assurance of plant works under standard GLP (Good Laboratory Practice - system of norms, rules and the instructions directed on maintenance of a coordination and reliability of results of laboratory researches) and is equipped by the modern labware and controlling and measuring apparatus. Safety of made medical products is provided at the expense of the strict control of structure of delivered raw materials and regular tests of ready preparations. In the autumn of 2009 the enterprise plans reception of the certificate of conformity of manufacture to standard GMP (the international standard of manufacture of medical products).

The leaders of "Pharmaco Group" hopes that the certificate of the Kyrgyz centre of the accreditation, confirmed technical competence and objectivity of laboratories Pharmaco Group, much more will simplify schemes of product certification made by plant and will increase export possibilities of domestic pharmaceutical plant.

Alexander Karpov, the general manager of Pharmaco Group: "The fact that we have passed this accreditation, for us means reduction of technical barriers in trade. The received certificate becomes the tool of increase in export possibilities of our enterprise, will raise competitiveness of production of factory. It is possible to tell that Pharmaco Group has taken one more step on a way to conformity to the international requirements."

Pharmaco Group is a pharmaceutical plant located in Bishkek, the Kyrgyz capital. Its annual output equals 500 million pills, 100 million capsules and 12 million vials of antibiotic powders. These medications are used in gastroenterology, dermatology, gynecology, urology, rheumatology, cardiology and pediatrics. In production of Pharmaco Group enters medicine brands having own trading names.

Pharmaco Group manufacture medicines of different anatomy-therapeutic groups in particular – antibiotics and antibacterial medicines, expectorants, spasmolytics, the remedies improving brain blood circulation, not steroid anti-inflammatory medicines etc.

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