AdvantaPure(R) Introduces New GammaTag(R) 500 to the Biotech and Pharmaceutical Industries; RFID Tag Withstands a Minimum of 500 kGy Cumulative Exposure

GammaTag 500 withstands repeated exposure to gamma radiation up to a cumulative amount of 500 kGy. It is ideal for the identification of high volume items in the pharmaceutical, biotech, medical device, and gowning industries that require repeated exposure to gamma radiation for sterilization purposes. GammaTag 500 is a read-only tag and is among the smallest RFID tags available today.

Southampton, PA, June 25, 2009 --( High purity products manufacturer AdvantaPure proudly introduces an addition to its line of RFID tags designed specifically for use in applications involving gamma irradiation. The new product, called GammaTag 500, is ideal for high volume items requiring repeated gamma sterilization. GammaTag 500 is well suited to the pharmaceutical, biotech, medical device, gowning, and cleanroom supply industries.

The original GammaTag was developed for single use process components and other critical parts for pharmaceutical and biotech applications. It is a read/write tag used to identify, record, and access the current status of process components on the spot. Information such as manufacture date, part number, lot number, gamma sterilization date, and other important data may be written to and retrieved from the tag’s memory.

Unlike original GammaTag, GammaTag 500 is designed for repeated exposure to gamma radiation. It handles typical doses of 25 kGy (kilograys) and a cumulative amount of at least 500 kGy with no loss of data. With a form factor of just 4mm x 52mm, GammaTag 500 is among the smallest RFID tags available today. The read-only tag uses the globally available 2.45 GHz radio frequency and is available as a bare inlay or converted into various finished tag constructions.

GammaTag 500 works well for identifying high volume items such as cleanroom supplies (garments, mop heads, and instruments); medical devices like orthopedics; surgical equipment; pharmaceutical vials; and biotech processing equipment, especially processing equipment that is routinely gamma irradiated multiple times during its lifecycle. The attractive price point of GammaTag 500 makes item-level tagging practical.

RFID readers, other GammaTag styles (mount-on-metal options, encased tags), software, and gamma irradiation services are available from AdvantaPure. The company also provides silicone tubing, hose, and manifolds; biopharmaceutical grade tubing; fluoropolymer hose; sanitary fittings and assemblies; and container sealing systems.

For more information on AdvantaPure’s newest GammaTag options, contact the team at AdvantaPure, 145 James Way, Southampton, PA 18966; phone 888-755-4370 or 215-526-2151; fax 888-258-4293 or 215-526-2167; e-mail:; web site:

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