iPod Touch Repair Service Now Offered by Dr Cell Phone - iPod Touch 1st & 2nd Generation Repairs

Dr Cell Phone, The pioneer in Cell Phone Repair industry now offers extensive repair services for iPod Touch 1st Generation and iPod Touch 2nd Generation including iPod Cracked Screen Repair Service.

Dallas, TX, June 25, 2009 --(PR.com)-- Dr. Cell Phone has been at the forefront of new cell phone releases and the ability to repair them. With their experience on the iPhone it only makes sense to start repair services for the iPod version of the iPhone, the iPod Touch 1st and 2nd generations.

The Apple iPod Touch has become a coveted iPod since its release and is a revolutionary device with almost all the same capabilities as the iPhone, minus the phone feature. A cracked glass or touch screen on the iPod Touch is very common. Accidently dropping an iPod Touch on just the perfect angle can shatter and crack the screen. In comes Dr. Cell Phone, a company that currently provides an excellent repair service for the iPhone 1st Generation and the iPhone 3G, and recently announced news that they are able to repair the new iPhone 3G S. Apple continues to provide software updates to the iPod Touch allowing users to have a device that is constantly updated to work better and faster and smarter.

“We found it necessary to provide iPod repair services for our customers, “ said Rob manager at Dr. Cell Phone, “our customers kept asking us if we provide iPod repairs and we do now, a full extensive line of repairs ranging from the most common lcd screen repairs and cracked glass repair, to replacing batteries and speakers.”

Technicians are in the actual Dallas location which provides a nationwide repair service for customers who cannot bring their iPod Touch in to the repair facility in Dallas, TX.

If you are trying to save money, which all of us should be doing these days, then explore Dr. Cell Phone and all the ways they help their customers save money. If you don’t have an iPod, its is likely you have something that Dr. Cell Phone can repair. For more information visit www.drcellphone.com or call 1-877-349-7297. You can also email them at repairs@drcellphone.com

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Rob Noorani