Online Project Portfolio Management is Now Available to All Project Managers

AceProject 4.7 brings powerful project management functionality, regardless of the organization’s budget

Quebec City, Canada, June 25, 2009 --( Websystems is proud to present AceProject 4.7, featuring project portfolio management, workload management and communications features.

“AceProject 4.7 is packed with major features, and minor improvements that will dramatically improve the user experience with this project management system,” says Daniel Raymond, CEO of Websystems, inc.

Managing the Project Portfolio in a Single place
AceProject 4.7 now includes a new section for project portfolio management. “We understand that most project managers no longer manage just one project at a time. In a world where we must do more with less, it was important for us to make the project managers’ life easier when it comes to managing multiple projects simultaneously,” explains Marie Christine Ouimet, Systems Analyst for Websystems, inc.

The Project Portfolio tab in AceProject shows the Project Manager’s cross-project Gantt chart, calendar, and team workload. Project team member can also be given access to this section, so they can manage their assignments across several projects.

Team Allocation Management in one Click
Teams working with AceProject to track their projects are now able to plan ahead better and ensure that no team member is over allocated. “This prevents situations where an individual becomes a bottleneck in the project. The project manager can see who’s over-capacity and adjust the project accordingly,” states Sylvain Traversy, Director of Customer Service for Websystems, inc.

A typical workday is configured for the AceProject account, and can be adjusted on a user-by-user basis. Based on this information, the Workload report highlights the days when someone is allocated more work than they can accomplish in a normal day’s work.

Task Dependencies with Flexibility
Karine Simard, Director of Marketing for Websystems, inc, says: “We felt the task dependency feature needed to be improved. We added more automatisms to guide the user along and make task dependencies more flexible.”

AceProject 4.7 introduces the concept of Mandatory VS non-mandatory task dependencies. While mandatory dependencies require that the preceding task is completed, non-mandatory dependencies do not, giving project managers the flexibility of using dependencies and allowing overlaps between tasks.

Email Notifications from the Company Server
Organizations can now choose to use their own email server to send AceProject’s email notifications. “This improves confidentiality and gives the organizations more control over the messages that are sent,” explains Michel Deslandes, Customer Service Representative for Websystems.

AceProject 4.7 is Available now.

AceProject 4.7 is available now at The complete release notes for AceProject 4.7 are available at

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AceProject is available for free or with a paid subscriptions. A free account can be created at

About AceProject
Released for the first time in 2001, AceProject is a leader in web-based project management software solutions. AceProject helps organizations bring their teams together to become more efficient and manage their projects better. AceProject is a web-based project management software within which multiple users can manage multiple projects, from multiple locations. Thus, all corporate activity is stored and shared in one central place only. Regardless of how many branches, collaborators or telecommuters work in scattered remote offices, AceProject is the solution to stay in touch. AceProject is available as software as a service (SaaS) or as an system installed on the organization's Web server.

AceProject is used in more than 30 countries. Small, mid-size and multinational organizations trust AceProject because Websystems has constantly heard their needs and proved them that they can depend on our solution, no matter how crucial their projects could be.

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