The Habit Factor® iPhone App Helps You Achieve Your Goals

Technically, only ouU can do that, but the just released Habit Factor self-improvement App, with Habit-Alignment Technology™, gives you the simple, systematic approach you need to create your ideal future and puts your future happiness and success literally in the palm of your hand.

San Diego, CA, August 04, 2009 --( Equilibrium Enterprises, a leading provider of iPhone Apps that focus on self-improvement and personal success, has unveiled its latest tool: The Habit Factor®.

Are you looking to modify or improve your habits? Would you like to achieve a big goal this year? Using The Habit Factor® and its unique and powerful tool set, including, Habit-Alignment Technology™, you'll be able to achieve more in less time, more easily than you ever imagined possible.

There is no denying that it is our habits, collectively, which determine the quality of our life. It's been said that “habit equals character, and character equals destiny." To that end, The Habit Factor® helps you to quickly establish, track and align your habits with your desired goals to improve your character and enable more precise achievement.

The Habit Factor® also helps you maintain a sense of well being and balance by allowing you to associate each habit with one of the four, core pillars for personal wellness and success: Mind, Body, Spirit and Social.

Using The Habit Factor®
Create as many desired Habits or Goals as you like, then Activate and Track your Habits. You can even establish major goals, such as "write a book" or "run a marathon."

With The Habit Factor® you simply track your active habits. Your habits can then be associated with your goals if you like, but they do not have to be.

Create habits crafted specifically to support each goal. For instance, if your goal is to write a book, you might create a related habit of "writing for one hour a day." The Habit Factor® allows you to determine each habit's "tracking period," (start date and end date), enabling you to track your progress daily during any active period.

The Habit Factor® is available now at the App Store ( for only $1.99, introductory price. Coming soon: The Habit Factor® for Android and BlackBerry devices.

About Equilibrium Enterprises
Equilibrium Enterprises specializes in designing, developing and delivering powerful personal development apps that offer a new-age, tech-twist to age-old precepts for achieving success. Other Equilibrium apps include Noble Paths and Virtues.

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