Visix Expands AxisTV Software Capabilities and Improves Usability with Version 7.0.17 Update

Visix, Inc. has unveiled the latest update of its premier digital signage software application, AxisTV version 7.0.17. The release includes new features, including Remote control API and SDK for third party manipulation of AxisTV content, and Web Page Bulletin for on-demand web page playback.

Atlanta, GA, June 26, 2009 --( Visix, Inc. has unveiled the latest update of its premier digital signage software application, AxisTV version 7.0.17. The release includes a variety of new features, enhancements and a few bug fixes for a significantly improved user experience.

Features and enhancements include:
• Remote control API and SDK for third party manipulation of AxisTV content
• Web Page Bulletin
• Increased length for news/RSS ticker to 512 characters
• Enhanced background selection using thumbnail views
• Number of stories per category for RSS feeds now configurable
• Microsoft Exchange 2007 support
• Interactive MeetingMinder™ usability improvements

AxisTV Remote Control API
This is a new set of web services that can be installed onto the same computer as the Visix content manager or on a separate computer. This API (Application Programmatic Interface) can be used by programmers outside of Visix to create integrated communication solutions that trigger AxisTV behavior automatically. The API comes with a matching SDK (software development kit) that includes documentation and example usage of all services exposed by the API.

Web Page Bulletin
AxisTV content managers and media players now support a new type of bulletin – on-demand web page playback. This bulletin is represented as a web page URL in the playlist and is played on demand by the media player when the playlist iterates to it. The web page playback is made possible by re-use of a web browser on the media player and allows users to display dynamic web pages, versus traditional static images pulled at pre-determined intervals.

Ticker Length
There is a 512 character import limit on RSS Feature and that will cut off any story beyond that limit. There is also a News Ticker length limit which would further cut off the story to 160 characters. But now, the new Ticker is enhanced to handle 512 characters.

Background Selection
All pages that are used to create bulletins on the Visix content manager have been enhanced to allow users to select a background by selecting a thumbnail image from the background browser‐web page dialog.

RSS Stories
The number of stories that can be displayed with a news bulletin or a news ticker is now configurable. AxisTV users can adjust the limit on the number of stories for an RSS feed.

Microsoft Exchange 2007
The Exchange adapter has been enhanced to support Exchange 2007. Events can now be imported from Microsoft Exchange 2007 to the AxisTV.

Interactive MeetingMinder™
The media player utility that runs on the Visix content manager is now able to update media players with the current version of Interactive MeetingMinder™. The files that are part of Interactive MeetingMinder™ installation are installed in the media player installation directory.

Also, a new warning system has been engaged when bi-scheduling service is offline. Whenever the third party software such as the Exchange Server or EMS Server is unavailable, or the interactive web service is not available at the time Interactive MeetingMinder™ starts, the interactive module with the action buttons on the left panel are disabled and a warning message “Initialization Failed” is displayed above the company logo indicating the server is unavailable.

Once the Exchange/EMS Server or interactive web service becomes available, the touchscreen module becomes available for use.

For complete software release notes and update requests, interested parties should visit the Software Updates section of the Visix web site at

The AxisTV v.7.0.17 update is available for download from the company’s web site and is free of charge to current Software Maintenance Agreement (SMA) clients. New content manager and media player orders received by Visix after June 1, 2009 will ship imaged with the most recent release to minimize deployment configuration requirements and field upgrades.

About Visix
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