Introducing SWILL™… A Prepackaged Wine Party so You Can Start Your Own Club

SWILL™ Wine Tasting and Club Starter Kits make hosting a wine tasting party simple and easy. Form a SWILL™ free club, make new friends, and learn about wine. Customizable with private labels for wineries, businesses, and gifts.

Allegany, NY, August 20, 2006 --( SWILLparty, LLC makes hosting wine-tasting parties easy, accessible, and fun. The SWILL™ Wine Tasting and Club Starter Kit contains everything needed to host a wine-tasting party for eight. The kit includes wine rating cards, stylish invitations, the exclusive SWILL™ Hosting 101 Guide, wine glass markers, stamped wine bags with elegant ribbon for blind tastings, SWILL™ pens and a SWILL™ corkscrew and retails for just $29.99 on Wholesale pricing is also available and labels are customizable.

SWILL™ (Several Wine Imbibers Liking Libations) was founded in 1992 by Anne Conroy-Baiter. The first gathering had only 12 tasters, none of whom were serious wine aficionados but who trusted Conroy-Baiter’s event-planning instincts. The group enjoyed the pressure-free party so much that they decided to do it again, and everyone agreed to invite someone new. Within three years, the invitation list has grown from the original 12 to more than 150.

Recognizing a good thing, co-owner Eva Potter approached Conroy-Baiter about “packaging SWILL,” and together they formed SWILLparty, LLC. The goal of their partnership was to create a wine tasting kit that encouraged people to try wines using the SWILL™ model. The partners took their many years of event planning and marketing experience and used it to develop the SWILL™ Wine Tasting and Club Starter Kit.

Buffalo, NY, wine consultant Eric Zubricky affirms: “[SWILL] is the best atmosphere in which to taste wine—no pressure, a warm and friendly environment...I firmly believe that if more people in the world were to take the attitude that SWILL does toward wine, we would have many more wine enthusiasts among us.”

Jessica Wyllie, founder of a SWILL™ club in Charlotte, NC, says: “SWILL is already opening the door to new friendships, new wine, and just plain fun. This kit is helping us to meet a diverse group of people in an area we recently moved to, which is wonderful. It also helps us taste, laugh, and learn so much more than we thought we would about wine. SWILL is easy and engaging...”

SWILLparty has developed private-label wine-tasting kits for businesses and wineries, a SWILL™ Wine-To-Go Kit, a line of t-shirts, and wine-themed watercolor prints and cards, all of which are available at As a bonus to starting a free SWILL™ club, refill supplies are available in bulk on the website. All clubs that register also get a free page within for posting pictures, event details and club wine reviews.

Eva Potter
Alternate Contact: Anne Conroy-Baiter, Co-owner, 716-801-0586