Summer Wine Party Fun

Take advantage of summer special pricing, and kick off the party season with a wine tasting party. - June 21, 2009

The SWILL™ Private Label Wine Tasting Kit – Personalized with Your Custom Company Label

To support the hot trend of private label marketing, SWILLparty, LLC, has developed the only private label wine tasting kit on the market. "Store brands enhance the retailer’s image and strengthen[s] its relationship with consumers." Customize the kit with your own winery or business label for great gifts, promotions and custom branding. - April 26, 2007

Introducing SWILL™… A Prepackaged Wine Party so You Can Start Your Own Club

SWILL™ Wine Tasting and Club Starter Kits make hosting a wine tasting party simple and easy. Form a SWILL™ free club, make new friends, and learn about wine. Customizable with private labels for wineries, businesses, and gifts. - August 20, 2006

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