After Fourteen Months of System Testing Clark Computer Care, LLC is Accepting Clients

Computers are great communication tools but they are not without problems. Clark Computer Care was established to assists small business and home users to remain connected to their important contacts and clients. Using state of the art software Clark Computer Care provides a safe, secure and stress-free computer maintenance program based on a schedule that will meet the customers needs. No toting your computer all over town or having a technician in your home.

Indian Harbour Beach, FL, June 27, 2009 --( Clark Computer Care offers several remote service packages that support software installation, training, computer repair via remote connection, Spy Ware removal, Malware removal, Operating System update. System Tune-Ups will restore your computers performance, by ensuring operating system is up to date with the current patches, removing unneeded files, and programs freeing up system resources.

Privacy is always a concern, so Clark Computer Care has two types of remote connection. An attended connection allows the technician and customer to talk on the phone while the work is being performed. The customer watches all the work being completed on the computer as the technician works. The attended remote service requires an appointment. This provides both the customer and technician a scheduled appointment. The unattended connection allows the technician to work on the computer when the customer does not need to be using their system.

The Clark Computer Care Help Desk is the control center for all customers and technicians. All service requests create an e-mail with a date and time of the request. All communications between the customer and technician are tracked by date and time. To ensure customer security the Help Desk web site requires a username and password to access and create a service request.

Additional information is available by visiting or by calling (321) 622-9110.

Clark Computer Care
Richard M. Clark
(1-321) 622-9110