Best-selling Author and Metaphysicist Dr. Theresa M. Kelly Release’s Her Groundbreaking Book on Psychic Phenomena

This groundbreaking book, written by Metaphysicist and Bestselling Author Dr. Theresa M. Kelly, utilizes an extensive list of scientific studies and laws to reveal how the laws of physics do not have to be rewritten to explain how psychic abilities work.

North Charleston, SC, June 27, 2009 --( Utilizing an extensive list of scientific studies, Dr. Kelly explains how specific psychic and psychokinetic abilities work. The book includes updated/modified definitions, exercises and techniques, enhancement stones, personality traits, associated psychic abilities, relative areas of scientific interest, misconceptions and myths, symptoms and side effects, psychical statistics and more.

For over fourteen years, Metaphysicist Dr. Theresa M. Kelly has thoroughly researched her particular area of expertise. Her book Quantum Psychics - Scientifically Understand, Control and Enhance Your Psychic Ability is now available in paperback, hardcover and digital edition through and the kindle edition through Dr. Kelly is well known for her several smaller e-books and many articles and papers. She has provided active, private, non-profit metaphysical/parapsychological counseling services for over ten years to a wide range of clients with psychic abilities, has answered hundreds of emails and posts from readers and site visitors all over the world, has been active in psychical research for the past eleven years and has an honorary doctorate in metaphysics.

Excerpt: "The wireless transference of energy and data requires a strong coupling between an electromagnetic resonant object and a kinetic/psychic. This coupling is possible by the transmitter and receiver being critically tuned to the same metaphysical frequency, thus enabling energy and data transfer. This method operates in the electromagnetic near-field; the manipulated object being no farther than a few meters at the frequency of a few MHz..."

Dr. Kelly exposes that psychic abilities are possible due to wirelessly transmitted data and commands weakly emitted through the mind and bodies own natural electromagnetic radiation. She also exposes that psychokinesis is possible by means of coupling and critically tuned frequencies operating in the electromagnetic near-field.

The book is designed to enable the reader to learn how to control and enhance their psychic or psychokinetic abilities including using scientific means of performance and measurement and artificial, but safe, means of enhancement. Dr. Kelly lists and corrects many misconceptions and myths associated with psychokinetic and psychic abilities that have developed in the mainstream media. The book also includes personality qualities common for individuals possessing psychokinetic sub-forms discovered through years of experience working exclusively with individuals possessing psychokinetic ability. With over fourteen years of hands on experience in her field, Dr. Theresa M. Kelly bridges the gap between physics and metaphysics in a manner easily comprehendible to the layperson and easily appreciated by professionals.

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