Rusty’s Rags, Inc® Unveils New Sheepskin Gun Cleaning Product

Rusty’s Rags is a family owned business located in Douglasville, Georgia. Specializing in one product, the “Rusty’s Rag,” the company uses all of its time, efforts, and resources to make good quality gun cleaning cloths for the firearm industry.

Douglasville, GA, June 07, 2010 --( Rusty’s Rags, Inc® announces a new gun cleaning cloth for all types of firearms. The “Rusty’s Rag” (MSRP $9.25) is basically two cleaning kits in one. The hand-cut sheepskin cloth is impregnated with a special silicone formulated for firearms. It also comes with a flannel cloth used for wiping off the excess oil and polishing to a fine finish. Each product is produced by hand in the USA.

Whether in the field or at home the “Rusty’s Rag” gun cleaning cloth is a great way to clean virtually any gun, anywhere. Two sizes have been developed for specific guns. The smaller size, approx. 2” x 5”, used for pistols, is the most popular with gun ranges, daily shooters, and occasional hunters. The larger size (coming soon in July), approx. 5” x 5”, is ideal for rifles, shotguns, and black powder firearms. The smaller size will work for both.

Rusty’s Rags were developed by a serious gun collector with over 40 years experience in the preservation of antique weapons. Rusty had great success preventing rust with the common silicone impregnated cotton flannel cloth sold in gun shops, but the cloth just would not get into the many “Nooks & Crannies” on his guns.

He had tried a sheepskin wipe impregnated with preservative grease, but found it suitable only for long term storage. It simply left too much unsightly residue and smearing for guns which would be shown off to friends and fellow collectors. The obvious answer was to impregnated wooly sheepskin with silicone instead of grease and thus Rusty’s Rags were born.

Recently fellow collectors and friends encouraged Rusty to market his ‘Rags’ to the public for maintaining and rust prevention on their guns. The response has been overwhelming. The secret of Rusty’s Rags lays in the research conducted into the silicone fluid and method required to impregnate into the sheepskin wipes. Rusty uses only the finest silicone products and genuine Canadian sheepskin.

“We are constantly looking for high quality gun stores, shooting ranges, online stores and distributers to sell our product,” says Latham Doxey, Vice President of Sales. “We offer a quality product which is hand-made and not packaged off of a high speed assembly line. If you want to offer a high quality gun cleaning product to your customers, the “Rusty’s Rag” is for you. If interested, please send them an email through their website or email Rusty @

Rusty's Rags, Inc
Latham Doxey