Georgia State Senator Supports Single Payer Plan

Georgia State Senator Nan Orrock argues for single payer health care reform Pt.2.

Washington, DC, June 28, 2009 --( "We are the only industrialized nation in the world that does not have a universal health care policy in place," Senator Nan Orrock says to TRNN journalist Sharmini Peries, repeating a statement that many single payer advocates have made in the past few months.

Orrock was elected to the Georgia Senate in 2006, following her service in the House of Representatives for two decades. During her tenure in the House, she was elected as the first woman to hold the position of majority whip. She also served as the Governor’s Floor Leader and is the president of the Women Legislators’ Lobby (WILL).

"Women really drive the health care decisions in their families. Their voices are very important in this conversation," she says. "And I've seen, as a woman in the state legislature, all across the country at the state level, it's been women legislators who've been introducing reforms to health care and a lot of times." Orrock says that she expects to see women legislators "to weigh in heavily" in the national health care reform debates in the Congress.

Orrock also says that she thinks the omission of the single payer option in the debates is a "mistake" and that its omission demonstrates how underestimated the American public is within the debates.

Responding to US President Barack Obama's disbelief in the feasibility of a single payer plan in America, Orrock says it's because of the lack of support the plan has within Congress. "The Senate is very much a stopping place these days. We have a very slim, slender majority there as Democrats, and we do not have all the Democrats on board. All those who I have a lot support for in Congress, we hear from all quarters, that the single payer plan lacks viability because the votes are not there in Congress."

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