Ezic Launches Innovative Stepdown Rebilling Solution

Chicago, IL, June 28, 2009 --(PR.com)-- Ezic, Inc., a leading provider of digital payment solutions, adds Stepdown Rebilling features to its popular Recurring Billing system. Stepdown rebilling enables merchants to automatically retry a declined recurring billing transaction for a discounted amount.

Ezic's newly developed Stepdown Rebilling solution is highly configurable and fully customizable. It gives merchants the ability to set automatic retry schedules for failed recurring billing transactions. Merchants can choose the number of retires for each transaction, the frequency of retries, and the discount amount attempted for each consecutive retry. Discounted retry amounts are determined by the merchant, and can be based on a percentage or fixed dollar amount.

The rebilling is automatically reset to the original amount and date, before the next regular billing period.

"Our Stepdown Rebilling solution allows merchants to significantly improve failed rebilling conversion ratios," says Bridget Mazzio, Director of Reseller Development for Ezic. "Merchants can generate increased revenue streams for themselves, and provide uninterrupted service to their customers; conveniently and securely."

Merchants can measure the overall effectiveness of Stepdown Rebilling with Ezic's Stepdown Rebilling reports. These reports detail each retry attempt, showing the dollar amount attempted and actual amount recovered with each successful attempt. Merchants can easily see exactly how much revenue was recovered from the original failed recurring billing transactions - sales that would have been lost without the use of Stepdown Rebilling.

Stepdown Rebilling is a value-added complement to Ezic's Recurring Billing system, which has been available since 1999.

Recurring billing allows merchants to streamline complex billing operations by eliminating the manual tasks of scheduling, submitting and managing repeat, recurring, or subscription-based transaction payments for individual customers.

Merchants can automatically bill a credit card or checking account on a recurring basis, while removing the liability and costs associated with cardholder data storage and PCI Compliance.

For additional information on how Ezic can help you raise your bottom line, please visit www.ezic.com, or call 866.575.EZIC.

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Ezic, Inc. has been the leading innovator in digital payment solutions since 1999, and is the largest private-label gateway provider in the industry. Our payment-processing platform offers Resellers and merchants superior convenience, upscale features, continuous market-driven advanced product development, and complete multi-level security against fraud for all Internet-based transactions.

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