Gordon “Grant” Curtis to Speak at Opal Group Investment Conference

Top portfolio manager to speak at major investment conference in Newport, Rhode Island on July 9, 2009. Representing the CI Family Office, a sub billion pound sterling asset portfiolio, Mr. Curtis has used unique and different strategies to rank their performance as reported by others as number one in their class.

New York, NY, June 29, 2009 --(PR.com)-- Amidst the market treachery over the past two years, Mr. Curtis has continued to lead the CI Family Office into double-digit returns. Consistent, yes; conventional, no. Contract trading strategies and special situation opportunities are the keys according to Mr. Curtis. Stocks and Bonds are prohibited by family mandate, which Mr. Curtis thanks for keeping them out of troubled investments over the past 18 months.

Uniquely positioned as one of the top performing Family Offices of any size world wide, Mr. Curtis claims that there is plenty of opportunity despite economic uncertainties. He also states that he is targeting another banner year for the Office whether the current market rally continues or not.

The secret is a humble one according to Mr. Curtis. “I’m not a genius nor claim to be one. I am a study of principles and history with a good head for common sense opportunity recognition. The difference between what we do at CI and other Family Offices is that we do the work ourselves. Not because we necessarily want to, but because our mandate is such that we have to.”

Over the past four years since taking charge of the Family Office they have never had a losing quarter much less a losing twelve-month period. They do not use a crystal ball approach to investing but one of defined exit prior to deployment of capital.

At the Opal conference, Mr. Curtis will be leading an interesting panel of emerging market specialists. He intends to put forth some of the strategies used by his office for comment as well as some ideas for top performance consideration for 2009-2010.

Of course, Mr. Curtis comments that he looks forward to the 12 Meter Cup boat sailing event just prior to the commencement of the conference. Whether this be true or just rumor, Mr. Curtis looks forward to an opportunity to skipper a 12 Meter at any chance that he gets.

More so than other financial conventions, Mr. Curtis estimates that between the Family Office and Institutional Systems attending, that there will be several hundred billion dollars of investable capital represented at the event.

Jay Tipton Public Relations
Jay Tipton, Reporter