Empire Medical Training Provides Physicians New Treatments & Protocols for Anti-Aging & Integrative Hormone Therapies

Empire Medical Training introduces the newest addition to Anti-Aging with Implantable Pellets hormone replacement course for physicians. Anti-Aging medicine, an extension of preventive health care, is the next great model of health care for the new millennium.

Fort Lauderdale, FL, June 30, 2009 --(PR.com)-- Empire Medical Training Integrative Medicine
Anti-Aging & Integrative Hormone Therapies - Implantable Pellets – Consistent Dosage

Upcoming dates for Anti-Aging & Hormone Therapies courses:
September 19 Dallas, TX
October 10 New York, NY
October 24 Los Angeles, CA
December 04 San Diego, CA
January 23 Orlando, FL
March 06 Las Vegas, NV
March 20 New York, NY
April 24 Los Angeles, CA
May 21 Dallas, TX

Empire Medical Training the newest clinical medical specialty Anti-Aging medicine. Anti-Aging medicine is now a $15B market which includes many natural, common sense ways to improve the overall health and in alleviating many health issues for a physicians aging patient base. Learn about supplements, nutriceuticals, and latest protocols and diagnosis techniques for a variety of health issues while understanding the science behind these new treatments and protocols.

Empire Medical Training’s program will provide physicians with the latest information and extensive therapies and treatment modalities in the preventative health care field far beyond just cholesterol and mammogram testing. Introducing Anti-Aging and Weight Loss programs into an existing practice can offer patients a healthy approach to looking and feeling great. Physicians have seen the most noticeable advancements in these areas in recent years and the clinical data is constantly being updated and yielding significant results.

The compounded medicines are more effective and safer than ever before while the medical protocols and testing necessary are simple to follow and utilized within the physicians clinical practice. Balancing the patient is the advantage to both physician and patient with the use of Pellet Therapy. New to 2009 is the inclusion within the program of Pellet Therapies for Estradiol and Testosterone replacement. Learn a more effective method of delivery that allows patient long-term, controlled release of these (2) most common therapies.

Testosterone and Estrodial replacement is now available in implantable pellets that deliver a more consistent dosage of medicine. Patients benefit in that there are no longer crèmes or oral medication to take where there could be absorption issues where the medicine could be absorbed at differing levels, thus for an unsatisfactory result.

Physician benefits in that these procedures are “cash basis”, do not require a large amount of training, and range in procedure cost of about $600.00 per treatment implantation. This 10-15 minute procedure is safe and effective and allows the physician to offer this better modality of treatment with other treatment options. Eighty percent of the patients that are indicated for hormone replacement can be effectively diagnosed and treated.

Empire Medical Training is now offering this pellet therapy incorporated within the Anti-Aging Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Course standard for all physicians attending. This 1-Day Workshop extensively goes through the benefits, testing, protocols, and all needed consents/operating procedures needed to incorporate an Anti-Aging protocol within an existing practice. There is no need to pay $30.000 for fellowship training from an unaccredited school or for a fellowship unrecognized here in the United States.

Medicine in the 20th Century is changing, patients are looking for solutions to health problems and not have healthcare professionals tell them that there is nothing that can be done because of traditional medicine. Integrative medicine can be incorporated into any medical practice; it is rewarding to both physician and patient, as well as applying new science that is accepted in the treatment of patients that does not involve the use of pharmaceuticals.

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