Filling Machines Are Made All Over the World

According to A Packaging Systems,, quality filling machines and packaging equipment are made all over the world. Even machines that are promoted as Made in America are built using components that are manufactured in other countries.

LaPorte, IN, August 22, 2006 --( A Packaging Systems, LaPorte, Indiana wants to set the record straight. There are many companies selling filling machines and other packaging equipment that claim “Made in America” for all their products. Among the products offered are machines that are manufactured outside the U.S. “How do I know?” said Todd Cannon, President of A Packaging Systems. “Because we supply the exact same product…at a lower price.” 

That doesn’t mean that “Made in America” makes a product more expensive, but it doesn’t necessarily make it better either. A Packaging Systems manufactures some of the machines they sell. They also work with some of the best manufacturers in the world. Their goal is to deliver the best equipment for the best price. In some cases, that means an industry standard machine made in an ISO9001 factory in China or Italy. For more unique capabilities or customer requirements, they design and manufacture machines in their factory. 

“There is a secret that no one wants to tell.” Added Mr. Cannon, “Packaging equipment is made with components from proven manufacturers around the world including electronic components from Japan and Germany, pumps from Italy or China, or gaskets and fittings from India or Yugoslavia. These components are combined and connected to make shiny new machines, and it has been that way for many years.” 

Whether you are replacing a worn out piece of equipment or building a brand new bottling plant, the question to ask isn’t where is this equipment made. The question should be will this machine perform the way I expect. At A Packaging Systems, they have started a new policy: Guaranteed Performance. In literature and their web site,, they show general capabilities for most machines. It is likely that specific products or containers are much different than the standard. So, when a customer purchases a filling machine, capping machine or other packaging equipment, A Packaging Systems sets it up in their laboratory and tests it using the customer’s product and containers to verify and certify the specific performance of that machine. Then they put it in writing, regardless of the country of origin of the machine. 

For more information about the Performance Guarantee contact A Packaging Systems, 235 Factory Street, LaPorte, Indiana. You can also call toll free at 866-369-9030 or visit

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